Trevis Smith Finished

We will need a replacement for him since he sure got a headstart to BC.

And since he is announced as HIV positive is he done for good? What are the CFL rules on players that have a disease like HIV? I think he will be deemed unfit to play and be forced to hang up the socks but not sure. Anyone know?

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I don't know the rules on that but this is the Slam story.

This is a strange story... 7 years all on Sask..

Just saw on the SCORE tonight that he is being charged with agrevated sexual assualt. I hope that the charge is untrue, and if it is true i hope for the women that "sex" was before he was HIV positive.

Without knowing the details of this situation I believe that crown counsel can and do lay charges of "aggravated" sexual assault based on allegations that the person having sex is HIV positive. Of course this is not known and these are all allegations at this time and all charged have a presumption of innocence until the courts deem otherwise after a trial.