Trevis Smith Charged Again....In Regina

News just broke this morning that Trevis Smith now has a second aggrivated sexual assault charge against him, this time after a Regina woman made a complaint to police. Smith was in Regina court today to face the charge. This is not a big surprise to me, given the first charge in BC last month.

I hope that there are no more charges of this nature against Smith, however I fear that there may have been many other women in Regina and beyond whose stories we are unaware of.

I hope that this second charge is enough for Shivers and Barrett to say enough is enough and that the nature of these alligations are serious enough to release Smith immediately. This guy has more serious issues to deal with than football and we don't need a guy with these types of serious allegations against him representing the Saskatchewan Roughriders and our entire community on and off the football field.

Anyone agree/disagree?

He is a free agent on Feb 15. I say just let the contract run out.

Agreed, but don't you think that some sort of a statement from the Roughriders is in order indicating that they will not be pursuing Smith for 2006 in light of the serious allegations? I certainly think that a statement of this nature is needed to send a message to current players and players that may be considering the Roughriders that this will not be tolerated by the Football Club.

At this point, these are still allegations. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't the outright release of a player based on allegations be a violation? I don't want someone like this around my team if it's all true, but simply releasing him - or even giving a statement that they will not renew his contract based solely on these allegations - is wrong from a human rights point of view.

Do you know that this is definately a human rights issue, or do you just think that it is? These are EXTREMELY SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS that women in our community have made against Smith. True, he has not been convicted of anything and he maintains his innocence, but there is enough evidence to warrant a charge and this is likely all that is needed to make a statement as I mentioned in a previous post. How about "conduct detrimental to the team"? The Riders don't need to have a conviction to release a player and there have been other people fired from their jobs for less serious allegations that are against Smith. With all due respect, I don't agree your human rights comment at all.

I didn't ask you to agree. All I'm saying, which you are appearing to not understand, is that you cannot can a person based on allegations. You yourself even used the word "allegations". Agree or disagree, I think it is entirely inappropriate to can a person when they've only been charged. Yes, they are serious allegations - don't believe I've ever disagreed with that. I also never said I want him around next year, either.....keep in mind that the organization did consult their lawyers regarding this issue earlier, and they took the proper course of action, which did not involve his release.....there has to be a good reason for that, don't you think?

" How about "conduct detrimental to the team"?"

when he has only been charged with it, and not convicted, then releasing him now, and if he does get found not guilty, then in fact his conduct was not detrimental to the team, and the team looks stupid. Untill he is convicted, you just let his contract end. and then your obligations to him are over anyway.

The professional sports world is different than the regular employment world. Sports contracts aren't regulated by any governmental or labour standards. Players can be released from a team at any time for any reason. It happens all the time in the sporting world. Trevis Smith should have been released from the team the day that the Riders found out about his condition. They could have quietly cut him and privately helped him deal with his condition. That is what a good and responsible organization would do. I think it was Roy Shivers' decision to let Smith continue playing. It's another example of Reverand Roy's terrible management skill and his ignorance shown to the community, that he, as an employee of a community owned team, is supposed to be responsible to. But since the Riders let Smith stick around, he's now gone and out and possibly infected some more people. Good work Riders! Way to look out for the community!

The guys screwing around on his wife is that not proof enough? Time to clean house of these clowns.

Agreed. The team needs to make a statement to the players and to the community, who by the way just so happens to own the team, and demonstrate that they are not willing to pee around with this bullshit any longer. If the team does not do this its credibility will quickly go the way of last nights supper.

screw the statement his contract is almost over.why not play it safe
and let him go at the end of the contract?