TrestPopp To the Argos?

Several interesting retweets by Trestman`s daughter:

Sarahanne Trestman Retweeted
CFL News?@CFL_News Feb 24

"It makes too much sense not to happen (Popp/Trestman/Johnny Manziel to #Argos)" - @TSNDaveNaylor #CFL #Argos via @hustlerlawless

Sarahanne Trestman Retweeted
CFL News?@CFL_News Feb 24

#Argos close to wrapping deals to make Jim Popp GM and Marc Trestman head coach. #CFL via @ArashMadani

Sarahanne Trestman Retweeted
CFL News?@CFL_News Feb 24

Jim Popp and Marc Trestman set to take over in Toronto ... e-toronto/#CFL #Argos via @ArashMadani

Sarahanne Trestman Retweeted
CFL News?@CFL_News Feb 24

#Argos were angling several different ways to land Marc Trestman. Turns out the way to do it was the old standby, Jim Popp. #CFL

I don't think "Dad" will approve... :lol:


...that the Tiger Cats lose to Toronto on Labour day in Hamilton.

Lets get this ball rolling already.

Oh and the Labour Day comment, have you seen how often TO wins on that day? Even when we have a great team we don't do well on Labour Day.

Copeland revealing the new ARGOS GM and HC today.

Oooooh cruel.

The longer this thing drags the more I think it could fall through. Its just been poorly handled and communicated.

Popp is a very prideful guy. I can't imagine he's happy that he's being portrayed as a side-bar-not really wanted but necessary to land the big fish in Trestman. He won't like that one bit.

gary lawlessVerified account?@garylawless 7m7 minutes ago

Deals between Jim Popp to be GM of @TorontoArgos, Marc Trestman to be head coach agreed to in principle. Expect announcement Tuesday #cfl

Hey Lawless , Madani beat you by 4 days! :lol:


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Press Conference is tomorrow.

As an Als fan very grateful for the 2009 and 2010 Grey Cups Trestman and Popp brought us, this is going to feel like your ex remarrying a handsome brain surgeon.

But I guess hardcore Argo fans deserve some positive news.

Guess my concern was overrrated.
Yeah it will feel odd in Als land.

Her tweets are now protected. She might be tougher for her Dad to control than Dwight Anderson was.

She's probably close to 30 years old now. She was pretty active in his defense in Chicago.

Who goes to Toronto ? Franklin, Adams or Reilly ???

Hmmmm...I'm not sure that any goes. I don't think it will be Adams at any rate. I doubt very much that Popp wants to double down on him
Trestman I think likes vets. I don't think Ray is done. And I think that Willy is also Trestman's type of QB. Good accuracy. and a very willing student. Personally I think QB is not a worry. Moreso is O-line and defense.
Who do you think?

They did a good job not getting mangled too much with their Canadian depth.

Foucault, Perrett and Bourke will be immediate targets IMO. Jourdain, Whitaker as well. I don't think they will have anywhere close to the problems people think putting together an offense.

I certainly don't see Johnny Manziel as a Trestman project.

I agree that they are no where near as bad as people want to think.
Ray could have 3 really good years left within a solid protect, quick release system.
Two F/A out there that may be interesting are Patrick Watkins and Shakir Bell ( to go along with Whitaker who has lots left imo)

Well according to Trestman's little girl's tweet it looks like it could be Johnny "Rotten" Manziel :cowboy: Stayed tuned for further developments and details . Who knows , perhaps Tillman might be expecting a call from Popp in the near future ? :smiley:

At bare minimum T&P will galvanize existing CFL fans to be interested in Argos again. That’s a good thing.

Allan Michael-Cash for sure. Cleyon Laing if he's still not signed. Lots out there and nobody gets more out of receivers than Trestman.