Trestman VS Buono

Check out the difference in reaction to the botched call in Fridays game

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(its a long video, fast forward to the end)

Trestman who just got robbed of a Game tying TD is calm and cool. Buono on the other hand who thinks he lost a penalty, goes nuts and swears at the ref.

Then when it turns out that he is the beneficiary of the screw up he says this

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“There’s no controversy,? he said. “Sometimes you’re going to lose. If it protects the integrity of the game, then you have to put up with a glitch. When there’s one glitch in 72 games a season … is it worthwhile saying it’s a negative? There’s going to be glitches in everything.?
Trestman showed what a true gentleman he is, all class.....Wally on the other hand........

What a bunch of BS from Buono. So now what, CFL officials from Toronto found a way to make Montreal lose this one and now they apologize, SO WHAT, what can be done to make it up to the Als and their fans ?

It looks to me that Trestman was not understanding whet the ref was telling him (as it probably made no sense anyway...) so he just decided to let it go. To hell with the gentleman stuff, I think it was a good time to show som teeth, that is also part of his job.

And what good would showing teeth have done?

The way the refs were calling the game, they could have given him a bench penalty

Buono is's not his fault LOL!

Raised in Montreal though

Yeah... Great player, played like he coach's...

Just thought of something.....

Is Wally always sending film to the league every time a call doesn't go his way? Or if he doesn't like a hit?

Now that he benefits,,,,,, he sees no that these things will happen! :roll:

Well in the heat of the game, he's a bit of a psycho especialy with his team in last place, but after the game he calmed down... He did fine his players for the crap they pulled against Winnipeg. Wally's a straightshooter.

Winning a game, especially when it it handed to you, tends to calm people down

Oh yeah...Trestman on the other hand is a Popp Cycle LOL!

Uh Sarcasm?

Nope not at all...

I'm just agreeing with you and adding that Trestman is like an icecicle...just playing on words...Popcycle...POPPcyle... Oh well...

Ah! I gottcha

The game result would have been the same and let's face no excuse will change that. But our Als are coming back to Mtl with the tail between their legs, I think it would have been good for the team morale if Trestman would have shown that he was on their side.

You are making assumptions. We have no clue what he told his guys...

And that is why I wrote "It looks to me that..."

No I dont think they have their tail between their legs...If anything, they are now more modivated than ever

You might be right but I just think Trestman communicates with his players in private. He's asking his players to play with discipline, what is it going to tell them if he loses it with the officials. The man leads by example more than any coach I've seen in the CFL since Higgins. But that does not mean he didn't have his players back. Let's watch this week's game... That will be telling IMO.

It kind of annoys me when people say "the outcome would have been the same anyways". How the heck do you know that? If Montreals TD would hav stood maybe the momentum could have changed and the Defense could have made a big stop. No one can say for certain what would have happened then. The game wasn't finished IMO and no one can say who could have won if the TD stood. But what we do know is that the Als would have tied the game and the pressure would have been on BC.