Trestman Up for Oakland Job.

I know he just Resigned with The Al's

But NFL Network is Reporting Trestman is one Top Candidates for the Job with the Oakland Raiders.

There also Other Reports . of this as well ... nd-raiders ... ayer_news/ ... 958&spln=1

A league source tells the National Football Post that Marc Trestman of the CFL's Montreal Allouettes is a "strong candidate" to be the Raiders' next head coach.
Trestman has extensive NFL experience on the assistant level and has been linked to the Raiders before. He also coordinated Oakland's offense in 2002, leading the unit to a No. 1 overall ranking. Trestman, however, is signed with Montreal through 2012, and it's unclear if he'd break that contract. Jan. 8 - 2:14 pm et

I think its quite clear....he wont

The first link is from 2007

None of these are serious sources. One is post on msnbc not from a journalist.

Marc just cashed his bonus cheque for his new deal. . Nice that the he signed before going down for Bowl season. Makes these silly rumours less annoying and more amusing :slight_smile: ... the-League

This is from NFL Network it talks about Trestman with Raiders

I dont see it :?

With all the talk last year about him going to the NFL....why would he sign an extension? He signed that contract before the 2009 season started. Its easier to get out of a 1 year contract than a 3 year. Why not playout his last year and see what happens?
Because IMO he is not interested.
Trestman has said that in 30 years of football, he has never enjoyed getting up in the morning and going to work like he has the last 2 years with the Als. That plus in the CFL, the offseason is the offseason. He gets to spend 6 months at home with his family. He also stated that one of the get things about the CFL is that he gets to drive is daughters to school. Something he cant do in the NFL. His work with the team during the off season is done by phone and email

Bottom line....
There comes a time in life when there are things more important than money

I hope he don't go ...He the new blood the CFL has needed in Coaching Ranks.

Onknight, The Raiders owner is senile. He probably thinks Marc is sitting at home waiting for his call.

Yes Al is Crazy but when have his kind of Money you can afford to be Crazy

Yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle was reporting that Trestman was interviewed by Al Davis - - but today's Chronicle has a Raiders executive denying that:

And Trestman's agent is denying it as well:

[url=] ... umour.aspx[/url]

So with all those denials it means it's probably true that he was interviewed. :wink: :lol:

And obviously you know nothing about Trestman and his character

It says that he is on a list, not that he was interviewed

You could set your watch on the Trestman to Raiders rumour. Al Davis fires another coach and bingo voila Trestman rumours abound. I doubt Trestman wants to coach for a single year over there.

The San Francisco Chronicle article can be interpreted either way; here is what is written there:

"Raiders owner Al Davis has interviewed prospective head coaches for more than two weeks, two league sources told The Chronicle, in the event he decides to fire Tom Cable. Two people on his interview list have been identified as former Giants coach Jim Fassel, who now coaches UFL champion Las Vegas, and former Raiders offensive coordinator Marc Trestman, the head coach of CFL champion Montreal."

Does that mean they are claiming that Trestman WAS interviewed, or is on the list of those still to be interviewed? Could be either I suppose.

I appreciate the humour.

It could also mean "THEY" want to interview him.....But that does not mean Trestman wants to be interviewed

I appreciate the humour.
Even if others appear not to. . . but the smiley faces should have given them at least a clue you would think. . .

Its very possible Trestman could sit with Al Davis. He runs his own consulting company that offers these type of services, it does not mean it is for a job interview. Or it could be as a favour to old Al who's having some serious problems rebuilding his football team...