Trestman to the Hurricanes?

…could be…

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Seems like every off-season we hear this rumour...


He has a contract and I hope Marc stays.

Looks like it wont be trestman

Thank God!

Ditto for me.

Ya I thought he had a contract in place the last time this rumour flew around?

I don't think it matters, you could sign a broom with a hat to be HC and they would probably still win the GC this year.

While I'm glad he's not leaving yet, I seriously hope another team in the East can finally put together a season that can challenge the Als. Dynasties, whether from Edmonton, Montréal or wherever are never good for a small league in the long run.

I have always felt that if you have a contract, you honour it.

you wanna leave? wait till it's done and then by all means go.

Austin should have had to stay and be here for his entire contract..

...but holding someone to a contract simply 'because' could also have detrimental effects...what would it have gained Tillman to tell Austin 'no, I am not giving you permission to leave'?....I'll tell you: a disgruntled coach that all of a sudden could sink your squad because 'hey, if you dont' like the way this is turning out then fire me, and pay me out my contract so I can leave'...I get what you saying, honour and all, but as a business decision it sometimes makes more sense to agree to the disolution of the agreement...

There's nothing wrong with buying out a contract.

yea but we're adults. we're professionals.. (they are I mean) you have to do what is right.

sometimes life isn't fair but you do what you must.

So you're saying that Trestman has had nothing to do with the Alouettes' success of the past three years? On what basis do you make that assertion?

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I agree.

Trestman is a great coach. He has already accomplished a lot in his short CFL career. He is more than qualified to be a head coach in the NCAA or NFL but for purely selfish reasons, I hope he stays right where he is.

The Al's depth could and likely would be starters ANYWHERE else.They have the #1 WR corps in the league and one of the best, if not the best defence around.They have a HOF QB who is slated to break a boatload of records this year.Their backup QB is Henry Burris jr.You have the best GM that the league has possibly ever seen.That's why it doesn't matter who coaches them, i'm not trying to trash Trestman and his accomplishments by any means but let's face facts, the stars wouldn't come crashing to the earth for the Al's if Trestman signed down south.He's not the only thing making the organization win.

The hardest coaching job in sports is to enable great players reach their potential as a team. remember how this team bickered and imploded with Popp coaching.
Trestman is a very key cog.