Trestman to Miami?

According to TSN, Trestman is on the short list for the Miami Hurricanes' NCAA team. Well, more to follow on this one.

If true, It will be a rebuilding year once again. We still have to see how many of our key free agents will be back. Otherwise, any talk of "threepeat" will be pure folly. Unless, of course, Popp can pull more rabbits our of his hat. Let's keep our fingers crossed!



Not an official confirmation, but hopefully it does become official in the next few days so we can stop all this Trestman-fleeing-the-coop rumor-mongering.

We'll have to get used to it.

The man's been to 3 Grey Cups in his 3 seasons in this league, winning two in a row.

US Colleges and NFL teams would be nuts not to at least consider him when they have a vacancy.

The time factor in the CFL is working in our favour.
Marc has always said he wants to be home with his girls while they are going to high school and only the CFL allows him this time.
Now with only one still in high school is still bodes well.

Well, the sad fact is that virtually every CFLer - player or coach - who distinguishes himself can expect the NFL to come a-knockin'! Either that, or their agents are hot-wiring it to NFL franchises. Even those who are not free agents will probably be looking for more money and neither the CFL nor the Als are in a position to offer much. This will likely be a very interesting - and "nervy" - off-season.

Trestman may be "safe" for now, but I sure hope that the Als' management can come up with mutually-acceptable terms to re-sign the vast majority of our stars. Otherwise, it's back to the drawing-board and a re-building project!

The real possibility of an NFL lockout may deter some CFLers from risking a steady paycheque for an opportunity that might not even materialize.

Trestman may be "safe" for now, but I sure hope that the Als' management can come up with mutually-acceptable terms to re-sign the vast majority of our stars. Otherwise, it's back to the drawing-board [b]and a re-building project![/b]
Other teams should be lucky enough to inherit our 'rebuilding' projects. :lol: ;)

Sure, we've got some key free agents to re-sign -- which team doesn't? But barring the year in which he was head coach and thus clearly didn't have the focus to be an effective GM, Jim Popp has never dropped the ball when it comes to keeping an effective core together. Popp knows who he needs to re-sign, and where our team needs improvement. I have faith.

Comme d'habitude, la nouvelle n'était pas une nouvelle. Trestman aura l'occasion de faire valoir ses talents dans son pays un jour ou l'autre. Mais pour l'instant, son projet est à Montréal jusqu'en 2012.

Je lance donc une invitation à tous : devinons combien d'autres nouvelles de ce genre nous aurons d'ici le prochain camp d'entraînement. Je dis 3 autres.

Et vous?

Only 3, Lestaf? That could be very optimistic; there will probably be a lot more than that. And this type of news item/non-news item will continue to harangue the CFL as long as it exists under the current structure.

There are other pro football leagues - USFL, Arena Football...etc. each of which has entertainment value. BUT the Big Kahuna where pro football is concerned - and I'm sure that many or most pro football affinionados would agree - is the NFL. What does that mean? That the CFL has nothing of value to offer? Certainly not! While pro footballers may begin their careers in one of those leagues, the real destination is the NFL. And why not? - bigger markets, larger fan-base, many endorsements, and, let's face it - whopping salaries!

Some would argue, reasonably, that the CFL approaches what pro sports "used to be", i.e. pro calibre players playing for pride, to represent their city, for love of the game...etc. - commendable virtues all. The (sad!) reality, however, is that pro sports is also big business - a fact, not merely my opinion. Comparisons between the various leagues, warranted or not, will always be there. The CFL and other pro leagues simply cannot compete on the same playing field as the NFL, unless things change in a BIG way in Canada - greater interest in football, more corporate sponsorship, expansion, a larger fan-base, sold-out stadia... Is that likely to happen any time soon? We are indeed lucky to have a man like Popp, but he too may be lured away for many of the same reasons.

So, until football takes over as the #1 sport in Canada, or at least shares equal billing with hockey, our great players and coaches will continue to be lured by or actively seek careers in the NFL. Rumours, whether we like them or not, will therefore continue fly about the CFL. These rumours, I submit, are not merely claptrap, either. In the latest case, Trestman was indeed in the top 3 for the Miami job. As such, it wasn't a rumour. I don't like this any more than anyone else, but that is the way I see it.

I`ll predict that the next Trestman rumour occurs when the 1-12 Carolina Panthers fire their head coach John Fox.

This would be an enticing situation for Trestman - his current home state and the chance to work with a future star QB in Jimmy Clausen.

But he will still have to compete with flashier NFL names such as Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden.

Arg, you're probably right. I'm sure Trestman's name will appear on the TSN front page the second Fox is fired.

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My gut feeling is that Carolina is the dream job Cowher has been biding his time for.

Like Trestman he lives in Raleigh, and both he and his late wife are alumni of North Carolina State.

But then what about the Denver opening!!?? Tim Tebow is their QB of the future and we all know that Trestman has a relationship with him.

It`s going to be a long off-season - only 169 days till rookies report!

Mon estimé est empirique. L'an dernier, il y en a eu 2. Déjà une de refusée cette année, certaines équipes vont bientôt penser à ne pas inclure Trestman sur leur liste avant la fin 2012, ce qui réduira le nombre de rumeurs. C'est Trestman qui a décliné l'offre de Miami en demandant que son nom soit retiré de la liste sans même avoir rencontré qui que ce soit des Hurricanes. Ça va calmer quelques ardeurs, et c'est pourquoi je crois qu'on n'en verra pas plus que 2 autres.

Il va sans dire que je peux me tromper...