Trestman to leave for U of Minnesota?

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One thing you know: Herb will always be right on top of reporting on the team's misfortune. He won't post injury updates in a timely fashion -- we still don't know if Richardson is 100% for this week -- and he won't talk football Xs and Os, but goddamn it, he will do his best to report every rumor that might create instability within the franchise. :roll:

My unsubstantiated feeling? I don't think Marc is going anywhere until his contract expires.

Le but de la nouvelle est de vnedre des annonces, pas d'informer.

Of all the football reporters I have known, Herb seems to be singularly uninspiring. Yes, he reports the facts of any Als' game and provides other details, but he seems to do so with absolutely no inkling of enthousiasm whatsoever. Now, a good football reporter is required to give facts, even when these are not favourable, but as the reporter of the "home team", I would expect some degree of support.

Is there someone in the Gazette staff we could complain to about him? I'm sure there are other reporters out there who could do a better job.

P.S. Reporting on rumours, if indeed this U of Minnesota thing is just that, is not reporting, but rather gossip along the lines of E-Talk. Is that what we want from a football reporter?

Agreed. There's no spark in his writing, no sense of passion for the team. He writes the color pieces on individual players fairly well, but after almost 15 years of success, the Als deserve better, in-depth analysis of the game itself, and more attention paid to the one-on-one battles for roster spots and how those battles affect the on-field product. Essentially, the problem with Herb is that he's not making his readers football-smart, which means their attachment to the game never grows beyond a certain level.

Is there someone in the Gazette staff we could complain to about him? I'm sure there are other reporters out there who could do a better job.
Sadly, the Gazette doesn't seem interested in assigning more resources to the city's most successful sports franchise of the past decade. When Maxim Lapierre farts, guaranteed you'll hear about it, and of course you have to sell the Impact to the soccer moms, and hey, let's run a frickin golf course on the front page to make all those fat middle-aged white guys feel like pro athletes. The Als? We get Herb, and on occasion, if we're really lucky, we get Jack Todd venting his unresolved hatred for Don Matthews onto the present incarnation of the team. Joy. :roll:
P.S. Reporting on rumours, if indeed this U of Minnesota thing is just that, is [b][i]not[/i][/b] reporting, but rather gossip along the lines of E-Talk. Is that what we want from a football reporter?
I wouldn't mind it so much if he were on top of other aspects of covering the team. But he's so lax about reporting it's not even funny. It's like pulling teeth to get info about injured players. People were asking for weeks on his blog about the status of Hawkins before he deigned to let us know that Hawkins was practicing with the team. And to top it all off, he steals news angles from people who post on his blog and incorporates them into his stories without any attribution or thanks (I've been the victim of this at least once this season).

Well, (sigh!) that's about what I expected.

I think the Als' management should look into this; that is, if they ever really want to sell the game here in Montreal and create a fan base. A party-pooper like Herb is certainly not going to help sell the game or stimulate fan interest. Hell, he doesn't appear interested himself!

The CFL is in hot competition with all other pro sports and where Montreal is concerned, this means the Habs! I always look with some degree of sadness when I see our neighbours to the South filling 80,000-100,000-seat NFL and NCAA stadia, even for struggling teams. I don't think that will ever be the case here, but I would love to see football become more popular and all teams either expanding their existing or building bigger stadia. To do this, you need good marketing and enthousiasm for the sport. The type of bland (even nasty at times!) reporting from Herb will never help us achieve that goal.

Its just a blog and he's reporting another reporters musing. There is nothing there and Herb does not make any claims there is.

I can just picture the Als office this morning....

Joey: Hey Mark good luck in Minnesota !

Coach: What ???

But this is how you kill a rumor ( not much tact shown for the coach in place however)

"I have not been contacted and you can tell whoever wrote that story that they need to focus on Marc Trestman," Dungy said. "I am loving my time at Football Night in America and I'm spending time in Tampa with my family. So I have too much on my plate to even think about any coaching job including my alma mater."

I never said Herb claimed anything. It just irritates me that he always dredges up this kind of ‘news’ but doesn’t bother to provide us with real info on the team, the personnel, the matchups, strategy, etc.

If there is the least half-baked rumor that someone in Als management is leaving, is about to be fired, or is on the outs with Wetenhall, he’s all over it. He delights in that sort of stuff. I’ve never seen a beat reporter for a consistently successful pro sports team with less positivity and enthusiasm for the team he’s covering. Judging from his lack of passion, you’d think the Als were the perennial laughingstock of the league instead of the top franchise of the past decade.

I am not putting words in your mouth D. Just saying that Herb is not insinuating that the coach is leaving or looking for work.

Joe Blow is reporting that Maybe Coach might be the second choice if the coach just starting his second season is fired and if Tony Dungy is not interested and if ....

This is funny when you read it a couple times :smiley:

Je crois que la compétition des Alouettes à Montréal est bien au-delà des Canachiens et du sport en général. En plus du football universitaire (3 équipes à Montréal) et de l'Impact, les Alouettes sont aussi en compétition avec toute l'industrie de la culture et du spectacle, qui est très en vie à Montréal. L'offre de cinéma, spectacles, musique, danse, théâtre, peinture, expositions, festivals et autres événements y est très abondante. C'est ce qui a tué les Expos avec le dollar à 60 cents.

Pour renverser la vapeur, les Alouettes devront doubler d'efforts pour attirer une nouvelle clientèle, particulièrement la clientèle francophone qui semble souvent oubliée. Un des moyens que le club devrait utiliser pour ça serait de parrainer les programmes de football des écoles secondaires comme outil de lutte au décrochage scolaire, et publiciser cette implication au sein de la communauté non seulement dans les média anglophones mais aussi dans les média francophones, où leur visibilité est réduite (il y a 2 à 10 fois plus d'espace média pour la NFL que pour les Alouettes dans La Presse, aussi aberrant que ça puisse paraître). Ça pourrait par exemple en tenant de temps à autre une séance d'entraînement avec une équipe scolaire de la ville ou de la grande région montréalaise.

La clé de l'augmentation de la clientèle pour les Alouettes passe par une stratégie de relations publiques qui touchera toute la population du grand Montréal. Les Alouettes n'ont pas les moyens des Canachiens, mais ils ont des opportunités qu'ils pourraient développer.

I posted this in another Als forum. Maybe some of you saw it

It was Herb's post game report after the Mtl Edm game

From Als insideout. It will be in tomorrow's gazette

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Montreal plodded its way to a methodical, and boring, 31-14 victory before the customary 25,012 Molson Stadium spectators – many of whom likely wished they had remained in the comfort of their homes to watch the National Football League, for free.
I have already joined and have posted my displeasure once or twice. I suggest we all do it.

It is completly unacceptable for him to suggest that Als' fans would rather be watching the NFL

While on the surface I can see your point on this…there’s one or two things in favour of his statement

  1. The game in question was a stinker. While I’m a die-hard CFL fan, I found myself watching an NFL game at the same time. What a yawn-fest either way.

  2. He said “many of whom likely wished they had remained in the comfort of their homes to watch the National Football League, for free”. Isn’t he slyly pointing out that NFL games can be accessed by antenna whereas one needs to purchase cable with TSN or RDS to watch any CFL game…including the Grey Cup. I’ve railed about the injustice of this…both to those in Canada without access to cable…and for those who simply cannot afford cable…but alas…very few seem to care. Cryptic or not…I thank Herb for the nod.

  3. In any event…whether we want to face it or not…the NFL is big. He’s just stating a fact.

A reporter's job is not to be "passionate" or show "positivity" towards the team/beat he covers. His/her job is to report news dispassionately and with as much objectivity as possible. One might argue that writing about a report published elsewhere, without any independent reporting to determine its validity, is not good journalism. But being a cheerleader for a team is definitely not good journalism.

As for the suggestion that the Alouettes should do something about it, like what? Revoke the Gazette's credentials because its reporter isn't positive enough?

Im not in Montreal and I don't know this reporter, but if I was in charge of communications for the Als, this guy would never get another press pass. If winning is boring, I hope I'm bored to tears this weekend.

Winning is never boring!
After the home opener, the day they officially unveiled the new addition to the stadium. Herb was asked by Randy Tieman of CFCF what he thought of the place.

Herb's reply "it was a waste of money!"
That is all he could come up with....Its was a waste of money!

Has anyone here ever seen a home town reporter predict that his team will lose? Seriously, in any sport?
OK in hockey or baseball when his team is 15-20 games below 500 and they are playing the first place team, but never with a winning team like the Als. He regularly does it!

I challenge anyone to find a similar remark from a SSK reporter...You will never find it.

I say take away his on-field pass. Tell the gazette and CFCF to send someone with a little class. If they don't, we haven't lost anything. Like many have said, he doesn't report on what we really want to know anyways

Discipline, very well said in your critique of Herb.
He lost me completely this year in his lack of enthusiasm for the renovated stadium, emphasizing the fact that it still has the smallest CFL capacity. He must be really fun at parties.
He looks at every bit of possible negativity to throw on the team whether its a Trestman rumor, Popp and Smith not being bosom buddies, the team not covering player wives travel expenses, etc. All this covering one of the classiest sports organizations in Canada. He doesnt have to be a cheerleader, but he should have some sentiment for the team he covers.
Lately when he goes on the road he does stories on individual players on other teams - last week Doug Brown. Why can`t we have in depth stories on Chip Cox, Billy Parker, S.J. Green, etc.?
Can you imagine if an Alouette was caught wearing a bra - Herb would have an orgasm on the way to his computer!
I say a prayer every night that Herb and Pat Hickey would exchange roles.

If they don’t like their beat , maybe it’s time for new blood - get rid of both of them!

Also, Lestaf notes in his post that the game must be sold to Franophones as well and that there is usually more news about the NFL than the CFL in French papers. The Als’ publicity department should be looking into this.

There is always more news about the NFL than in CFL in the English media as well

Nobody is asking Herb to be a homer. But for God's sake, he could show more passion and enthusiasm for the team that is his meal ticket (what else is he qualified to do except cover the Als?). He could stop with the endless color pieces and start delving into some actual analysis. He could end his silly feud with Jim Popp. And he could stop acting like the Als are always a hair's breadth away from total catastrophe when in fact they have been the model of on-field franchise success for the past 10 years.

As a fan outside of Quebec ,I rely on Herb's daily [ almost daily ] scoup on the team. I enjoy his writing and find he has good knowledge of the team. Gramatically he is proper and,I find he is an excellent writer .Last year [ or the one before last ] someone was suggesting that we all get a petition going to remove Herb from his postion re Gazette. I though this was a childish proposal and put forward my own post maintaining my liking of Herb. The petition stopped just after my post. I still find Herb's writings excellent with respect to his knowledge of the team as I do his blogs. With all of you complaining about Herb's writing, I must ask- " What are you trying to Achieve ?" Are you attempting to blackball Herb again? I find these negative posts rather insulting to a good reporter and frankly wonder if you are setting yourselves up for a charge of slander/defamation. I'm sure all of our suto-names would not prevent anyone from a defamation suit.

The ESKS, Als game was a real bore- while watching I was aware of a great sense of detachment unlike my usual tension during them. Along with boredom I found myself feeling anger at Trestman and Co. because they did not utilize McPherson at all. I think the management of this team are setting them selves up for an extreme loss should AM ever decide he is not respected nor appreciated by this team. He'd make great dollars by playing for B.C., Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg, etc.!