Trestman to interview with the Bears


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The Chicago Bears aren’t limiting their coaching search to the American game.

Looking north of the border at a noted quarterback guru from the Canadian Football League, the Bears will reportedly interview Montreal Alouettes coach Marc Trestman for their head coaching position.

With Trestman signing an extension with the Alouettes that takes his deal through 2016, it’s unknown whether he’ll be allowed out of his CFL contract if the Bears decide to hire him.

The NFL Network reported Saturday the Bears plan to interview Trestman as a potential successor to the recently fired Lovie Smith. Sources tell ESPN the interview will happen Monday.

A source with the Alouettes indicated it’s likely Trestman would be allowed out of his contract because the team’s ownership is “usually pretty good about stuff like that … although Marc just signed a new extension this year. So I don’t know if that might hold things up.”[/b]

That would be a great opportunity for Trestman.

And using the logic of some, would be a good thing for the league and the Als should easily be able to replace him with all the many coaches and assistant coaches from the NCAA and even the NFL.