Trestman to become HC of the Colts?

The Als coach could be a logical fit in Indianapolis, since Trestman spends his off-season mentoring young quarterbacks coming out of college. The Colts - who possess the first overall pick in this year's NFL Draft are expected to take Stanford pivot Andrew Luck with the No. 1 pick.

If he goes, that could be a good thing for Hamilton's chances in the east next year.

Ryan Grigson, the Colts' new GM, was a player and a scout in the CFL. So he has roots in this league.

Well, who knows... if they didn't want Popp, maybe they'll want Trestman.

I remember seeing on the TSN site a piece on how one of the ESPN analysts thought that Marc Trestman should get an NFL head coaching job.

Would be interesting to see what he could do with Andrew Luck and the Colts.

P.S....I doubt Manning will be there next season...

I agree with this completely. I just read yesterday that Manning is due a huge bonus this coming March, so that will be a big incentive for the Colts to trade him soon (sounds similar to the Burris trade in Calgary, to avoid the bonus). In any case, whoever the new Head Coach will be must settle into the task of grooming a new Quarterback, likely Andrew Luck. Since Trestman was so successful with Calvillo in Montreal, I don’t see why he couldn’t be successful with a new QB in Indy. Montreal would have a huge hole to fill in the HC position if Trestman does end up leaving (pending that Wetenhall even gives him permission to speak to the Colts or any other team… Trestman does have one more year left on his Alouettes contract).

During a CHCH telecast a few days ago, Anchor Mark Hebscher spoke in derisive terms regarding Trestman's ability to coach in the NFL.

It is disheartening when one of our own anchors portrays CFL personnel in such a subordinate fashion. :frowning:

I don't think Coach Trestman would have a problem finding work as a QB coach or maybe an OC position in the NFL but HC position is more that grooming a quarterback. One thing is 4 sure. Trestman would have to be willing to spend a whole lot of face time with media in the NFL and based on his four years in Montreal I am not certain that he would be comfortable with those demands on a daily basis. I think he's a fine coach but it would have to be the right fit. Baltimore might not be bad as Irsay is the face of the club and loves the attention...

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I personally regard Mark Hebscher as an expert on nothing other than being a goof. I try and watch and listen to him but after a minute I have to change the channel, just doesn't work for me.

Let's face it, Hebscher just does this to get a reaction and it works. One of the great things about living here in South West Florida is that I haven't seen Hebscher for a year and a half!!

I would hope Hamilton does well because they are a better team with some of the changes.
Not because some other team got weaker.
That would just be sad.

I'll take it any day. It's a natural cycle - no one can stay on top forever. If we still had McManus, Montford et al in their prime, still coached by Lancaster, we might still be knocking Montreal out of the playoffs each year. Our demise allowed them to rise to the top.

Hopefully it's their turn soon to start to decline and rebuild.

Tide comes in...Tide goes out :expressionless:

I don't understand, we were better than them in 2011, we beat them in the East Semi and knocked them off with Tressman and Poop at the controls. Regular season doesn't matter if you beat them in the playoffs!!

moved again did ya? hahahaha

what do you mean move again?? hahaha

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the third from the bottom of the page i made a post asking you about it you have on numerous occasions implied that you live in different areas …and while i really don’t care i just find it amusing

Amusing? that you really care where I live? but yes we do live in SW Florida and before that Ottawa and yes we do have the internet so we can surf the Ottawa papers daily, the The Spec etc and yes I have not been back to Hamilton in a year and a half so I haven't seen Hebscher!!

I said I DO NOT CARE where you live i was just referring to the numerous times in your typing that you have implied you were in different places with the way you were typing things out and on more than one occasion and i found it amusing and i'll leave it at that

There is nothing amusing about this. Its none of your business where a poster lives, how many residences he keeps on a football forum. Its a coy way of making a post personal.