Trestman to bears (Rumour)

According to Jimmy Johnson who sent out a tweet early this morning .@JimmyJohnson Looks like 2 of my guys getting NFL jobs..Chud Cleveland and my QB coach at U Trestman to Chicago. This is huge news if true, Montreal will be in a hurry to find a new head coach but who will they bring in? I can't think of anyone off the top of my head.

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There are plenty of candidates not to mention going the American route again but just off the top ofmy head.


Congrats to Marc, what a great achievement and shot in the arm to the league. Now just have to wait and see how many players/coaches follow him there?

Scott Milanovich as OC is the most likely if he takes anybody, there is no one left in Montreal for him to take. Bigger question is who does the hiring ? Popp is on the hot list forthe GM job with the Jets. Marcel with Ottawa. Might be a good idea to wait a couple weeks but then it inconveniences the other CFL clubs.

How is this a shot in the arm? I consider it a boot in the Cojones. I'm getting sick of seeing top talent leave for the NFL. You finally get a player you can identify with and who really contributes to your team, then after two seasons, he's gone. I know we're never likely to stop it, but I don't like it. :frowning: :x

Just remember, the door swings both ways and like it or not, the NFL is the measuring stick for football excellence. Credibility, exposure being acknowledged as a peer, in the long run this only going to help.

.....So when does the Jones era begin in Montreal??????? :wink:

Well nobody is confirming Trestman got the job. I'm having doubts but if it is the case. Montreal may not get a sniff at him. Jones may end up HC in Toronto. Would make perfect sense for Trestman to bring Milanovich with him.

It's just not that many really so I don't think it's much of an issue.

....and so who's next, Burke as d co-ordinator.....this could get crazy....T.O. and WPG. may have to get their wallets open to keep their main guys???? :roll:..Dickenson may get a shot at head-coach sooner than he thinks...( i think i'll slow down now and take a deep breath)

Trickle down effects for sure if Trestman leaves, no question.

Congrats to Trestman - you are a better coach clearly than some of the old ranks in the NFL 'S buddy system

David William Naylor?@TSNDaveNaylor

Can confirm Marc Trestman has not yet been told he has the Bears HC job. #cfl #NFL

Looking more and more like another old guy trying to learn how to use Twitter...

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The Chicago papers are reporting that the Bears still have at least 3 more candidates to interview in the first round of interviews.

A little premature!

Sometimes in the NFL they continue the HC interview process even after they've made their decision, if only to pick the brains of the other candidates.

For sure. Pretty much what Jeff Hunt is doing in Ottawa he's educating himself picking a bunch of peoples brains.

You guys make it sound like they're zombies...

Braaaaaiiiiiinnnnss..... :twisted: