Trestman to be interviewed by Chicago Bears

The Globe and Mail indicates Trestman will be interviewed by the Chicago Bears related to a possible coaching job. See The Globe and Mail in today's paper.

It also appears on the NFL home page.

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand I don`t want the Als to lose him, although he does have to revisit some of his methods.

On the other hand, every individual should have the right to follow their dreams. It would also end the "waiting for the other shoe to drop" we have to deal with Trestman every off-season.

I would probably be far more concerned with losing Jim Popp.

I`m jumping the gun perhaps with this, but the obvious replacement would be Doug Berry because of his close relationships with Popp and Calvillo. I would also like to see Chris Jones get serious consideration.

Tip to Marc for his Bears interview : Don`t insist on Andy Bischoff as your Special Teams coach.

I can't see Marc sticking it to Jim like that. Marc got a new contract a few months ago, he's just promoted Pat Meyers and hired Thorpe. That would be a terrible thing to do. It is flattering and he's courteous but I can't believe Marc would do this after selecting his new staff. If it was to happen I can tell you there would be a few people kicking themselves in the head for leaving in the last year.

If Marc does leave, I say hire Noel Thorpe as Head Coach. Don't bring excuses such as: Never been a Head Coach before or too young,etc.

RDS -Didier Ormejuste- writing that Jim Popp could be interviewed by Carolina.

Maybe Jim and Marc should go back to the States and let's go with Marcel Desjardins and Noel Thorpe. The Als records could be just as good.


also reported on tsn

Trestman is believed to have an “out” clause in his contract.

just as good? Thorpe as HC? Nor so sure about that move.

if in fact he does have an "out" clause that he negotiated with the Als, then is he to stay put and not pursue any possible NFL HC position that may come up? Or does he move ahead with the interiews and see what happens if he decides that's what he would like to do?

Popp too? I hope this will not be a sinking ship?

There is good talent on Als football operations. Persons such as Marcel Desjardins and Joey abrams don't get the credit they deserve.

I doubt that either Jim Popp or Marc Trestman will leave/ sign with an NFL team but,if they do, it won't be the end of the world. As we say in french "Les cimetières sont pleins de gens non-remplacables".


There you go...

Based on the candidates to be interviewed, I doubt that Marc Trestman has a chance to be hired.

I say Tom Clements will be amongst the finalists.


This however IMO is crossing the line. As the GM of the Alouettes Jim has a responsability to protect the organization instead of promoting Trestman to a prospective employer. Jim tells Montreal reporters like Moffat "No comment" but he's glad to do the rounds in the Chicago media.

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“I think Marc is a strong candidate because he has a history of working with veteran [quarterbacks],? Popp told the Sun-Times. “Marc has as good a chance as any to get the best out of Jay [Cutler].? Popp, who was a finalist for the Indianapolis Colts’ GM position last season, described Trestman as “a man of character? who is an “effective speaker? and “has very good organizational skills.? He called him “very scheduled? and “detailed.? He says he’s very creative offensively and has a special ability to adjust to personnel. “If the Bears are interested in him, what makes him an attractive candidate where I am is that Jay Cutler, who can be a top-10 quarterback, is there,? Popp said. “And that’s got to be of interest for a Marc Trestman.?
I think I'm going to change my views to Team Veilleux... :?

Jim Popp-big/loud mouth- is trying to promote himself,along with Trestman.

Mr.Wetenhall pays these guys at least a total of 1 $million a year and that's what he gets. If Marc is so good,how come the Als have not won the Grey Cup in 3 of the 5 years he was here/in Montreal. How come his team missed the Grey Cup final in 2 of his 5 years?

They are Americans and they always think they are the best.


I just hope Coach Trestman is in Nashville at the convention looking to fill the openings on his staff. Can you imagine if Ottawa had grabbed Marcel and these two ran off to the NFL. We would be in a situation where after the CFL hiring season we would have Joey manning everything and two coordinators with no experience signed to new contracts. Anyway this whole thing is starting to smell to me.

Think Bob's had his fill ?

Trestman recently signed a contract extension with the Alouettes until 2016 but according to a source, the team would be more than willing to give him up in case the Bears acquire his services.

They still got the team to host 5 consecutive home playoff games. Name one other team that has done that in the last 5 years.

Anyway I'm sure Andy Bischoff will make a fine HC. :lol:


Seem to recall the Als losing the GC with Matthews as HC (another American as you put it).
How many CFL teams have a Canadian HC and or Canadian GM? Buono for the Lions.

is carI for one am not ready to take a gamble on having Thorpe as the HC He has no HC experience and because he was with a University team does not make him able to coach a professional team. Perfext example, Danny Macchioca... a Canadian.


I do not blame Popp for promoting himself or Trestman. It is not new that Popp had (has) aspirations to becoming a GM in the NFL if the right fit came along.
Good on them for trying to get to the NFL. If you are happy with status quo, good for you too.

I agree it was uncool of Popp to promote Trestman to the Chicago Sun Times when he gave a "no comment" to Rick Moffat. Giving the Bears themselves a recommendation is one thing, but don`t go public to a newspaper when Trestman is still under contract to the Als. And I certainly think he was exaggerating with this:

'He says he’s very creative offensively and has a special ability to adjust to personnel."

It`s a tough situation for us Als fans to go through every off-season, and imagine what Mr. Wetenhall with his hugh Alouette investment is going through. But the only way to ensure keeping Trestman and Popp was to give them these "out" clauses.

We love our CFL, but every American`s dream is the NFL for the prestige and of course paycheck. Do they have a chance? Trestman may have found the right situation in Chicago, although at 56 his age may be against him. Popp with the Panthers, I doubt.