lots of stuff on this guy on Senior Bowl and Google. This QB is nowhere as good as the the hype from the southers states!

:cowboy: I want what you are smokin :cowboy:

if montreal owns his rights though, he wouldnt start for years...

How can you mandate somebody isnt that against the law in canada?The cfl is a business it not in the business to do things that will cause it too losE MONEY.Would you want a position just because you were born in canada?Think about it....Man thats dumb

How's that affirmative action thing working out for ya?

Tebow was just a system QB and who Marc Trestman anyway?Tebow is nothing more than QB who played around alot of good athletes.The NFL is a league where a guy like Ray Lewis is going to hurt Tebow too be honest.Percy Harvin and a host of others made Tebow and the fact his skin tone is lighter.Tommy Frazier and Vince Young ran much better spread offenses than Time Tebow.Trestman can have him all he wants

I think its a Yankee Idea ! its called "affirmative action" - its aimed at preventing discrimination!

i see Artie already made the same point_ good to see we agree on something Art! :stuck_out_tongue:

Your probably correct sandusky Tebo is probably just another dumb as nail,s over hyped NCAA product!

If the HRSDC stepped in they could prevent all Americans from coming up to play football. Taking jobs away from Canadians. So yeah the CFL can Mandate that. and it isn't against the law.

Yikes! Should I be worried about this....or should you? :lol:

It would be interesting to hear opinions from the CFL fans with more experience on how many more seasons Calvillo has in him you know. He is the same age as is Kurt Warner who just retired here in the US from the NFL you know. Thoughts?

How the NFL missed out on Calvillo with some of the abundance of sorry talent and awful play we’ve had in this last decade, overshadowed by the finest crop of quarterbacks in the history of the league, baffles me.

Calvillo is just plain a great quarterback all-around all the same.

Tebow actually could succeed if he ended up in the right system in the NFL akin to Roethlisberger, whom I would not see as a good quarterback on all but a handful of teams in the NFL given the offenses they run that are not ball control. Tebow needs a ball control system that is becoming less and less the norm in the NFL.

I’d be happy another time in the “Other Leagues” section to take up the discussion with regard to great or good quarterbacks versus system quarterbacks South of the border in the NFL.

Otherwise I would like to learn what is thought of the notion of system quarterback in the CFL if that is even possible in this era given the higher emphasis and success of mobility WITH pass accuracy in the league in contrast to most of the current great and good NFL quarterbacks who are not as mobile at all?

Bringing a QB like Tebow to the cfl would be a disaster. He can't throw, horrible mechanics and can't read defensive coverages. Tebow has no chance in either league.

Things like mechanics and footwork can be fixed. I remember when Aaron Rodgers entered the NFL, he was criticized for his wacky throwing motion and his lack of athleticism, things he is actually noted for now. I'm not saying Tebow will ever be elite, but he might be a David Garard someday.

(I appolgize for all the NFL comparisons. I like the CFL, but I don't know any of the players well enough to compare them to the CFL.)

S'okay. We only have 8 starting QB's, and none of them bear any resemblance to Tim Tebow.

Even if tebow were to come to the cfl, it wouldnt be for another few years. He is sure to get drafted and which ever team does take him, will spend a couple of years trying to develop him. Then even if he gets dropped by that team, another team will surely take a chance on him simply because of the great college career he had.

Lots of players go the CFL to give themselves more time to develop as a pro, and stay visible to the NFL scouts. I can see him going there if it looks like he won't be drafted otherwise. That doesn't mean he'll succeed however. With the right coach and team who knows.

S'okay. We only have 8 starting QB's, and none of them bear any resemblance to Tim Tebow.
That's what I suspected as far as Tebow's potential with the CFL, and Artie summed it up for me with that comment.

Tebow's a system quarterback for a ball control offence who needs to be groomed as a backup for the NFL at best for teams with such offences like the Steelers, Giants, Chicago (a quarterback's no-man's land year-in year-out), Baltimore, Tennessee, Jacksonville, and any of the rest of the other few though mostly really sorry teams that run a ball-control-type offence.

Otherwise think along the lines of past NCAA greats and champions with similar game who could also run and throw at a high performance level, though were not killer passers ready for the NFL, like
Eric Crouch
Josh Heupel
Charlie Ward (went on to a full NBA career)
Scott Frost
Chris Leak (some of you CFL fans will recognise that name)

Some of you are saying "Who?" no doubt. Exactly, as such names even now would not be remembered by many an NFL fan in the US either.

The term "system quarterback" is a week argument. It's a weak argument. You can comment on arm strength, footwork, etc., but everybody plays in a "system." For all the talk of NCAA teams running "pro style" offenses, but they really don't. The NFL and CFL both have much more practice time, and much more complexity in their offenses. Most college teams focus and a handful of things to be really good at, while NFL and CFL teams try to do a little of everything.

I think that Tebow can be a successful QB, but only in the right situation. A coach needs to base an offense on what he does well, namely running option plays.

As for the Als, from what limited time I've seen Adrian McPherson, he looks to be an adequate replacemnt for Anthony Calvillo when (if) he retires.

I think that Tebow can be a successful QB, but only in the right situation. A coach needs to base an offense on what he does well, namely running option plays.
Either we are debating semantics here or we clearly disagree.

What you just stated here in this section defines a "system" quarterback as opposed to the more drop-back passers who are more versatile for more different passing offenses in the NFL (or by extension some of them no doubt for the CFL, but largely more for only the more mobile ones it seems though I am new to the CFL game).

When you take some of the system quarterbacks, even for example the excellent Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh for his system there, and if you were to put them on most other teams, they would fail miserably with their skill set.

Remember the likes of Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson who took their teams to win is Super Bowls? They were system quarterbacks at the right place at the right time in the right system and failed miserably most elsewhere. I still say the jury is out on Eli Manning at the NY Giants, as I think he was just in a great system with tough defense and three premiere running backs that year not so much receiving talent.

If you were to shift by contrast legendary passers like Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and a few others who are not yet legends but can throw, they would excel all the same or better after initial adjustments somewhere else in the NFL so long as the system is not a ball control offence, which in the Live Ball Era has hardly been the norm in the NFL though seems to carry a team with a killer defence once or twice a decade to a Super Bowl title.

(Live Ball/Dead Ball Era look it up on if you don't know)