Here is an interesting article from the respected Als writer Herb Z of the Gazzette.
It may not be as farfetched of a possibility especially if the No Funners do not look at Tebow as a serious QB potential.
It's great to see how highly regarded the excellent coach Marc Trestman is.

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Eh... I hope we don't see him. I'm not a big fan of his.

argotown- that was a great article you came across. you guys always seem to find better articles then i can find. partly cause i have a job where i dont have computer access. one other thing about him playing for the als... The third stringer for the als... didnt he start ahead of tebow for the Gators? kind of a connection there possibly.

Watched Tebow at the senior bowl and he garbage as far as him playing in the CFL.I doubt it too much money for him being on espn.Marc Trestman cant teach footwork Tebow is sorry

Wha, wah wha. He's had two drives and your Expert evaluation says he's garbage. Back under the rock please. Garbage ! Incredible !

cant be any worse then the following: ricky foggy, akili smith, rick warmen, reggie slack, bishop, and the list goes on. if those guys can make it in the CFL, i think Tebow should be ok.

Well not according to Mike Kelly or Sandusky :lol: :lol: Can't have a QB who's more comfortable in the shotgun :roll:
Scouts want him to convert in to a running back but he can't improve his footwork :roll: Tebow is like a Dunnigan with an extra 40 pounds of muscle.

so basicly, hes the guy that won the last grey cup for hamilton...

If you guys don't mind crying and excessive quotes from the Bible, he's your man.

i personally love crying and bible quotes. so bring him to calgary

If he comes to the CFL, then we'll have to put up with pro-life ads during the Grey Cup...

I highly doubt Tebow will be coming to the CFL.. Who would want to? I personally love the game, but the biggest flaw is.. yea im sure you know what im talking about... MONEY.. If hes smart, he'll take his shot at the NFL, make millions on the bench and try to learn, and if he realizes he'll never start, then MAYBE he'll wana come to the CFL to actually play, granted that he is actually good at a Pro Level.

the way the NFL doesnt give players much of a chance, its real possible to see him within the next 4 years in Canada. Many players are not givin much of a real opertunity in the NFL. We see it all the time. even high quality players get released and not signed by anyone else. I would be suprised if we dont see him at osme point in the CFL.

Chances are he'll end up like Eric Crouch and come to Canada after he has exhausted every NFL angle possible.
By that time he will be too old to be considered a prospect and will end up crapping out of the CFL.
In Crouch's defense... he managed to throw for a TD pass in the one game he actually got a chance to play in.
The problem was....he was 28 years old before he ever showed up in Canada....
The next season he was kept around on the PR and that was how he ended his career.

How about some Canadian talent at pivot. Brannigan looked great in the Vanier cup!

the canadian pivot is in another thread.

You make a great point about burning out first. 28 is considered old now a days. McMohn tried with the argos, ended up being cut and in the UFL. Akili smith, was terrible in calgary. I hope the same thing doesnt happen to Jared Zabransky. I think he could have a good career in the CFL. So if tebow ends up in the cfl, hopefully its not at that point.

Funny you should mention that, I have read how Faulds, Brannigan and Glavic have been invited to the CFL combines, the first such time for multi QB's.
Hopefully the tide is turning and in fact, some of us have been saying how a Canadian QB position should be mandated either on the active 3rd string type roster of a permanent PR spot.

Tebow in the CFL could be a good signing for the league from a publicity point of view. The key would be if they could somehow get him up here before he would give the NFL a try. If he were to go undrafted then the chances of him coming to the CFL would definitely improve and being able to introduce an NCAA star would go a long way in promoting the league in a fickle market like Toronto. However, if he does get drafted in the upcoming NFL draft and sits on a bench for a few years/becomes a running back etc., that marketability he has now will diminish and he will be seen as yet another failed NFL qb looking to continue his career north of the border. For a classic example of how to screw up this situation for both player and league, look no further than Tim Couch.

I hate him (as he beat the tar out of my beloved Florida State over the last 4 years), but If he were to come to the CFL, I'd wish him well. If he takes a potential pay cut to play in the CFL, then that says something about him and his desire to play QB. If he's successful here (and there's no guarantee of that), it might mean a great career in the CFL or a shot back here in the States. If not ... he's one of hundreds of others who've tried.

Tebow is not going to make it as a qb in the NFL.Tebow is overrated and overhyped kid and had the very good athletes around him.So Tebow yall could have because he isnt going to make it here