Trestman showed class!

I think it was a very classy thing that Trestman did this afternoon.
With a 40-4 lead and minutes to go, instead of going for a field goal, they went for it on 3rd down.

Three times (once they converted) Trestman chose not to run up the score and kick field goals!

So far Trestman is the coach of the year.
Full credit to the Als for picking this guy, a great coach, classy and appears to be an equally great human being.

I agree, showed a ton of class by not piling on points when he had the opportunity to do so.

Hufnagel showed the same class and respect at the end of the game yesterday. All the power to them!! Excellent sportsmanship.

I'd like to know how we only managed to put up 4 points... Maybe the game being on TSN2 was a good thing. I probably would have tore out all of my hair. :lol:

1 field goal and a conceded single.
That punt was amazing.....It hit in bounds about 3 inched from the line and decided to stay inbounds

Nice for Trestman to show class. A nice change from Jim Popp I must say.

i was impressed with this move, at first i thought it was cocky but then i understood what he was doing, I love how at first everyone was calling for Popp's head for hiring this guy now everyone loves him. I would like to say i loved this pick up from day one!

Are you the same poster who was very upset that A.C didn't retire? I could be wrong, it might be someone else with a Quebec pic.

Yeah that was me, im a fan of Marcus Brady. But i was wrong, A.C. is the Als right now, but thing about A.C. is can he play in the big game

well, if I am an ALS fan and I paid my ticket to see my team, and coach, give it their all for a full 60 minutes, I dont call it class at all. There is no such foul as running up the score. Its an irrelevant term used mostly by whining losers (not refering to anyone here, just in general)

will trade Machoaka and a bag of nerf Footballs Trestman's great Aunt.

Finally some common sense!

I always though one had to be a sore loser and a whiner to complain about the other team running up the score.

If you get dramatically outscored, next time, come prepared.

As a football fan, I want to see 60 minutes of football. Unfortunately, today's game ended 11 minutes before the final gun. Trestman just ran the ball up the middle to let the pityfull Eskimos get a chance at getting it back. It made for a boring end game. The Als should have played it and the Esks should have found the pride to stop them.

There is no such thing as running up the score. There's just one concept called : playing to win.

Too bad the good guys like Trestman have mercy for unprepared teams.

Dany Maciocia is such a bad coach. I feel bad for the Esks fans being stucked with him. My sympathies to you guys.

Its not as much sportsmanship, its more Karma, you don't embarrise the other team. When you do it will come back to bite you. Its billboard material for the next game. I dont see a reason to push for those extra 14 points, i understand a need to see 60 mins but its not like a blow out is exciting anyways by the 4th quarter, there i no need for players to go full and get injured or piss off the other team.

but its not like a blow out is exciting anyways by the 4th quarter,
whats exciting is watching your favorite players make 1 2 or 3 more exciting offensive plays. One more great catch and run. One more great pass.

From a fans point of view, entertaining plays should be more important than the score, specially when it is your team that is ahead.

I have played in football games where we lost as much as 64-0. I never had a problem with the other team scoring that last TD, and I would have been insulted if they stopped trying.

No one said that running up the score is a foul, and I would not hav had a problem had he done it but total points will never come into play between divisions. Besides, teams have a way of remembering and why give them any extra incentive?

Sorry if you dont feel that NOT rubbing the oposing team’s face in the mud is not classy

I wish Trestman had used this opportunity to play Brady. Cause, really all Brady did was call huddles and put the ball in play for 8 minutes or so. If AC ever gets hurt, we have a QB who has been doing QB sneaks and another that has played a total of 8 minutes of actual game time. This could be trouble...

I agree that there is nothing wrong with running up the score. However, I would have liked to see Brady throw the ball a little when he came in.

What was the point of bringing him in just to hand it off?

It has to do with "Team Concept" Brady executes the plays Trestman calls. Of course the crowd would like to keep seeing an arch enemy like Edmonton get pounded till the last second and this could mean the difference between Calvillo passing for 6000 yards or not. But the goal is the Grey Cup that is it. Everything else in between is incidental.

So Als showed mercy and class, again Trestman walking the talk. Fans got their money's worth from the Als side anyway.

Als play their last game of the year at Commonwealth in a situation where they will be either resting their veterans or trying new things...

Just so you know Chief, Shaw played the game on channel 5. I watched it.
I was actually very surprised by how poorly the Eskimo's played. I thought they had gotten it together.