Trestman showed class!

I think it was a very classy thing that Trestman did this afternoon.
With a 40-4 lead and minutes to go, instead of going for a field goal, they went for it on 3rd down.

Three times (once they converted) Trestman chose not to run up the score and kick field goals!


When I started researching Trestman. Morals and team concept, work ethics is all he would talk about and I figured yeah they all talk the talk, but Marc lives by his mantras. Refreshing in this day and age. Time to start propping him up for coach of the year award.

At first, I couldn't figure out what the heck Trestman was doing. In fact, I thought he was actually trying to run UP the score by gambling on third down to score more TDs. Once I clued in that he was not-so-subtly tanking the plays by calling for handoffs to RBs deep in the backfield on third and 4, I understood. And my respect for Trestman, already pretty large, has gone up considerably.

A very classy way to conclude an absolutely one-sided game.

I don't think Trestman's moves were entirely altruistic. For example, when the Als were at third down deep in Edmonton territory, I am guessing that Trestman said 'go for it. If we get a first down, great. If we don't, they're at their 12-yard line. Better than kicking a field goal and giving Edmonton the ball close to mid-field.'
I think hes working on his time and field management skills. But I do agree hes a class act.

Do you really think the 35 yard line meant all that much when they were up by 36 points?
I dont