Trestman Plans To Return to Als in 2010

This article on the Globe and Mail website tonight reports that Montreal Alouettes' head coach Marc Trestman has one year remaining on his contract and plans to return in 2010 along with quarterback Anthony Calvillo.

A one-liner in the article about the challenge of a repeat victory by the Als in 2010 indicates that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have earned some respect in the CFL this year:

"The task is to win another, although it may be tougher with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats emerging as a contender in the East Division."

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Glad to see him back. He's done extremely well in the CFL and with the Als so far and his return means that the bar of excellence will remain high as a challenge to the rest of the teams in the league.

I like his coaching style and the way he elates to his players. You can really see the team plays for him and is on the same page.

Trestman and Calvillo returning. This is good news. The east will have the two best teams in the CFL for the second straight yr. However Calvillo is getting a little long in the tooth. Time for the cats to step up on more notch and give the Al's a run for the division in 2010.
Can you imagine a home game final against the Al's? Were do I get my ticket???
Doc 8)

As much as I hate the Als, I respect them starting with Trestman and Popp down through the roster. If I was Popp, I'd be opening up the wallet to extend Trestman's contract

An Argo-Cat fan

I'm glad he is staying in the CFL. Smart guy and a great coach.

Those Bills rumours about him going there may have ended now.....there was speculation on the NFL blogs about MIke Shanahan being the Bill's new coach (or Washington)...but the way the team is playing for Perry Fewell, they may not need to go out and hire someone else.

Having a guy like Trestman is only good for the league. We need more coaches of his caliber.

Also great to hear AC is returning -- even if it means we have to play second fiddle to the Als again :cry:.

Repeating is very difficult, the last to do it was Doug Flutie... Hamilton is close... another receiver and a few improvments on defense and they are there.

I guess Santa hasn't gotten around to reading my Christmas list yet. :roll: :wink:

As good as he is for the league and all that jazz, I was hoping he'd leave Montreal coachless and in their sorrow at losing their coach, half of the team would retire (the good half). :lol:

You keep talking like that and your going to get a lump of coal :lol:

Are you kidding? Borehamgirl would KILL for a lump of coal. After a few million years, it could turn into a diamond, you know...

Good to hear. The Cats will have Montreal right where they want them! The Eastern Division goes to Hamilton in 2010: get your Grey Cup tickets earlY!

Spent a ton of time with the Als today at the parade (backstage pass)and the Team luncheon...

Just a hunch but after talking to BC, I don't think he is coming back.... :cry: :cry:

In either case it's going to be a dogfight in the east next year

You talking about Ben Cahoon or Bryan Chiu :roll:

Cahoon :cry:

I'm surprised. He's still a go-to guy on a team full of weapons. Another 1,000 yard season and a strong GC game. I guess there's something to be said for going out on top but as a fan I'd still hate to see him go. (And I'm definitely not an Als fan).

An Argo-Cat fan

Family comes first for Ben. Also, he’s had residual effects of a helmet-to-helmet hit he absorbed earlier in the year (tingling hands, loss of sensation, etc.). He may not want to risk another year of physical pounding, especially given where he makes most of his catches on the field. Football is great, but so is leading a healthy life afterward.

DandP if that’s the reason he is considering retirement, that really sucks. I’m sorry to hear that he’s suffering those symptoms. I want him to retire for purely selfish reasons. Simply put, I hear Cahooooooonnnnnnn 8 MILLION times against us during the 2 games I went to Montreal for. :lol:

All joking aside, he is a smart man if he is having those issues and decides to retire. Many play longer than they should and pay for it for the rest of their lives. I wish him all the best. He’s always been a very talented and very classy guy.