Trestman on the Ticats

«On ne s'arrête pas à leur fiche de 2-11, a dit l'entraîneur-chef en parlant des Tiger-Cats, hier. C'est une équipe qui a inscrit 30 points ou plus à cinq de ses sept dernières parties et qui a perdu six matchs par un touché ou moins. Ils ont de nouveaux joueurs et ils ont montré une belle énergie dernièrement. J'ai présenté certains jeux que leur défense a réussis contre les Lions à nos joueurs et ça a tôt fait de capter leur attention.

«Tout le monde peut mal paraître dans l'Ouest (les Tiger-Cats ont perdu 40-10 contre les Lions, samedi), a poursuivi le coach. Ils marquent des points et ils fournissent un très bon effort pour Marcel (Bellefeuille). On aborde ce match comme tous les autres, en respectant notre préparation au maximum.»

Translation You can't just look at their 2-11 record, said the HC speaking of the Tiger-Cats yesterday. This is a team that has scored 30 points or more in five of its last seven games and that has lost six games by a touchdown or less. They have new players and they have shown some nice things lately. I broke down some plays their defensive unit made on the Lions to our players and it got their attention pretty quick.

Any team can look bad travelling out West continues the coach. They put up points on the board and put out constant efforts for Marcel. We are preparing for this game like any other. Maximum preperation and respect.

Some nice words by a straight shooter...

A smart politician.
All part of being coach of the year.

To bad hes an American coach and dosn't know the Canadian game. :wink:

He's definitely "polite" but he's obviously broken down stats, scores, films. Hell he probably knows the Ticats better then the Ticats coaching staff.

He did make a couple accurate points. regarding the offense and the close games.

Thanks Halifax, nice post.

come november all that really matters is your season record. But it would still be hard to argue with the numbers Trestman provides.

I've noticed a trend of fourth quarter losses (minus BC debacle). If our guys could just hold on to that killer instict a bit longer to put teams away. It really seems they can't close a game off.

You can almost see the cats lose their swager as the game goes on and the point deficet grows. Being on a losing team is harder than any of us fans could imagine, it can really shake your confidence and drive to "make the play".

going threw it on your couch with a cold beer, is one thing. When it's your sweat, blood, livelyhood and everything you've loved and dreamed about since you were 10, that's something completely different.

I agree with that assessment LB74,

The Cats have forgotten how to win and their confidence level is low. I think when it comes to the close games the Cats kind of choke up a bit, and feel the pressure. Once the Cats really start believing in themselves, those close losses will become " wins" again

More like we just don't have the talent to win. But we are close.

I admit we need some players, thats an understatement. Somehow earlier in the season Saskatchewan was pulling out wins with a depleted lineup. Yet, we couldnt win a close one with our starters.

The biggest difference between Montreal and the rest of the east teams is that Cavillo is executing well and the other three teams QB's aren't. Talent wise there isn't that much difference. Throw in one of Montreal's backups and they would become a stumbling bumbling team like the rest. That's my opinion.


Are you serious? The only difference between the Cats and the Als is Calvillo? With no disrespect intended towards the Cats, I simply can't agree with that statement. Our D-line is second in the league in sacks. Hamilton's pass rush is completely ineffective. Obie just gutted the linebacking corps. Ours (Hill, Ferri, Hunt, and Taylor) is one of the best in the league. Bellefeuille's O-line has given up the most sacks in the league; ours the fewest. The Cats don't have one receiver in the top 10 league-wide; we have three (Cahoon, Watkins, and Richardson).

As long as Hamilton management continues to think the problem is at QB, when there are so many glaring holes in other areas, nothing will change. QB is actually the least of the problems IMO. The Cats have three talented players at that position. On offense, the O-line can't block, Bellefeuille's playbook is terrible, and the receivers aren't CFL quality. On defense, there is no pass rush, and now no linebacking corps. THOSE are the problems.

Admittedly our D-Line blows chunks, but Calvillo is the main difference. The offenses are close to each other. Calvillo makes your O-line look good, much like Danny Mac did for us, and makes the receivers look good, again like Danny Mac. If we had kept our linebackers from last year, Moreno and Armour, and thrown in Knowlton, we would have the best linebackers. We are not far off.

And to the guy saying the Riders could win with their backups, it is called luck. No other team got as much luck with refs, and fluke last second plays than the Riders in their streak.

I'm pretty sure he has a good understanding of the Canadian game. At the end of the day... football is football. Run, block, tackle.