Trestman on the outs?

Found this on Twitter. If this is true, we need to bring him here.

Michael Farber:"(Regarding next year) I'd be shocked if Marc Trestman is back as the Alouettes coach."

I would think he would have plenty of interest south of the border, either in the NFL (as a HC or OC) or in the NCAA. That means a LOT of coin. We shall see.

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Does Farber know something we don't?

I doubt the Als would go so far as to terminate Trestman so soon after two straight Grey Cup wins. (unless Popp is in a foul mood that day.. :wink:)

And they haven't even played one post season game as of yet, but the fans/media are calling for his head on a platter. :?

If it bears out to be true, maybe its Trestman who pushes for the change in scenery. Anyone know when when his contract with the Als expires? If he's still under contract, would a move to a NFL (HC or OC) or a NCAA position considered to be lateral or vertical?

A NFL job would be vertical, as offensive coordinators alone make substantially more than CFL head coaches.

I would expect that Trestman and his agent made sure that an escape clause was in place when he signed his extension. Given the speculation he generated re the University of Minnesota head coaching job (U of Minn being his alma mater) and the Oakland Raiders vacant head coaching position last off-season, it would not surprise me in the least if he is in the mix for more posts in this off-season.

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tangled: But I'll bet Jim Poppe has someone waiting in the wings in case Trestman does decide to leave. Scott Milanovich maybe?
I'd like to see Milanovich in Hamilton as H-C. He would sure light a fire under this team!

Seems like some infighting going on. On the Als forums, someone wrote that they had insider info and that Trestman's rigid ways have rubbed some players the wrong way and that Trestman will quit at the end of the season. We will see how this unfolds.

If Trestman leaves at the end of the season, Popp may likely promote Milanovich to HC which leaves us out in the cold.

Is there any way we can develop within the org? Like Brad Miller or Danny Mac?

I would agree that Trestman wouldn't have much trouble landing a job in the States somewhere. It would certainly be more rewarding for him. I think that Montreal will soon be in some sort of re-building mode, especially if Calvillo decides to retire this off-season. I think that Calvillo leaving at this point in time would be a good move. He's got nothing more to prove in his career. He's broken all of the big records. It would be wise for him to leave on a high note, and Trestman would likely leave at the same time.
I don't know that the Ticats would be able to successfully find a Head Coach from within the organization. I don't feel good about promoting Brad Miller, and I don't think that Danny McManus is truly interested in the job. Khari Jones is a non-starter and should not even be included in the debate! I would bet money on the idea of Corey Chamblin getting the HC job in Saskatchewan this off-season. Hopefully, that new HC will not have to work for GM Brendan Taman. That would be unfortunate! The best of luck to anyone crazy enough to take that HC job in Riderville!!

His own players are calling him out now. Things look ugly behind the scenes.

[b]“We were beaten up and we got outcoached,?[/b] he stated emphatically. “They schemed us every which way.?

This condemnation of head coach Marc Trestman - the man who has appeared invincible, always one step ahead of his contemporaries since coming to Montreal in 2008 - and his assistants will hardly correct the vast array of problems on this team heading into the playoffs. And it might bring the outspoken Ferri a house-imposed fine, not that he necessarily would care.

Ferri can get a fine for stating that?

His comments were technically more of a generalization, not a direct slight on Trestman (even though the subliminal message is clear)

Trestman should be noble enough to accept this and refrain from penalizing Ferri.
The team doesn’t need anymore distractions before next week’s game against the Cats…

wait a sec, what am I saying?
Keep talking Ferri! :wink:

Trestman has a Dynasty-in-waiting with MacPhereson.
Hamilton would only be a huge demotion or challenge.

They are ways Pay him Boat load of Cash & Offer him the GM and Head coach Titles
Let him build this Team his way

If we could snag Trestman from the Als and Tim tebow from the Broncos, we could have a great foundation to work with.

And being a former QB coach, Trestman could help Tebow work on his throwing mechanics as he has the potential to be another Tracy Ham or Flutie.

For those banking on Trestman's success in Montreal automatically transferring to Hamilton were he to come here.

Remember the ghost of Charlie Taffe :slight_smile:

but to be fair, what did Taafe have to work with when he was here?
Very little.

Marc has two years left on his contract and its not a cheap one. I expect a lot of changes in Montreal but it won't be Marc. I am sure he's learned more this year about the CFL and being a Head Coach than in his 3 previous years combined. As far as him asking for his release I doubt that as well. The guy is not a quitter and quitting on a low note will do nothing to raise his stock in the NFL.

As for Tebow. I highly doubt we will see him in the CFL anytime soon but he's very likely on the Als negotiation list.

I heard the other day that among all the quarterbacks on the CFL neg lists, Tebow is NOT one of them.

Tebow? His accuracy at times makes Kevin Glenn's look like Joe Montana. At some point a QB at any pro level has to pass for 60% and higher. For every laser he throws, he misses a wide open guy with a WTF-ball. He IS a project and this team needs a prospect who has the tools to be an elite QB. In a three-down league, you can't be a 50% completion guy in the modern game and work as a starter over the long haul. Ask Michael Bishop.

Trestman's offensive system is far less vertical than the spread system Tebow ran in Florida. Hence accuracy is key. I think Tebow isn't a fit in it, IMHO.

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Well, he had some high-priced free agents and wound up running perhaps the most inept offense since the mid-90s Ottawa Rough Riders. Except for that Ranek romp in Winnipeg. And Eakin freakin" that one night in Hamilton. Oh the memories between the collective electro-shocks we had...

:D :D :D

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