Trestman on Porters

He's got all the tools and he uses them well. We've broken down a lot of file. I was impressed by his quick release. He does not waste any energy and he is very accurate. I'm thrilled to see a player of his calibre in our league. If he can maintain the level of execution it will be a great thing for our league.

Those are some very nice words from coach Trestman,

On the other hand I hope Quinton crushes Montreal once again :lol: :smiley:

Positive read on Porter from Trestman.
All we have to do now is convince some people on this forum that "a player of his calibre" is a credit to this team with great potential and not a reason to attack those of us who saw this from the beginning. :wink:
Can't wait to see today's re-match.

If you are you taking a shot at me even in jest, mr62s,
at least take a shot at me for what I actually said.

That doesn't mean that I didn't recognize
Quinton Porter's physical potential.

I, like yourself, am a shrewd judge of talent
and saw a great deal of potential in Quinton. :wink:

I am often attacked for believing
that I always feel that it is better

to be cautious with rookie quarterbacks
and not start them before they're ready.

I shouldn't be attacked for that either,
especially since I am often right.

See below.

Isn't it ironic that, if Charlie had thrown Quinton in too early, like Chang,

Charlie and Quinton may have looked like bums?

and Marcel looks like a hero for being
so smart for playing him now?


You flatter yourself...
I never respond to any of your posts...other than this one. I have better things to do.

Break it up you two .. Our do we have find Boxing Ring for you Guys.
there is Boxing Gym Near Stadium if you want Fight .


You flatter yourself...
I never respond to any of your posts...other than this one.

I have better things to do.

I make an effort to respond to your attack
in a light-hearted way and what do you do, mr 62?

Weasel out of it.

You are directly referring to me and Zontar, mr62

because we gave you a hard time for not backing off on
your 'Charlie wanted no part of Quinton Porter' remark.

Don't you realize that most people here can see through you?

You are always spinning my words in your posts.

Stop doing that and I will stop dredging up proof
to show you up as the spinmaster that you are.

Onknight: Sorry 'bout that. But where were you when the baiting went on in the "Bellefeuille hunch" thread?

I don't know why people have to state "facts" every time they express an opionion. This is a forum. Taffe didn't play Porters once in what 10 or 12 games. Which gives creedence that he didn't feel he was the best choice, his actions spoke for themselves.

This is a forum, its kind of like a living room discussion with time delay. Why weight every word, punctuation ? Sheesh!

Didn't Charlie play him in the Winnipeg game? Wasn't Charlie still the head coach then?

Just asking.

It was amusing then now
it just boring to watch you too vanquishment Each Other.
Play nice.

People don't have to state 'facts' when they state an opinion
but when they re-state what other people's opinions are

they should check what that person's actual words were
and do a fairly accurate job of paraphrasing them

or quote the actual words that that person said

I don't liked to be misquoted, maybe you do HfxTC

and I will make sure what I really said is known.

I will dredge up proof that my words are being spun.

It may be boring to you, HfxTC but if my words continue to be spin
I will continue to dredge up proof that my words are being spun.

Fortunately, few people spin my words, so if they take the hint
or someone intervenes for me, then, there won't be any problems.