Trestman leaving...

I have been a fan of the Alouettes since I was a boy. I'm 56 now, and I love football more than hockey. I might be from Ontario,but I love the Habs, and always will. I'm sorry so many posters are happy Trestman is leaving. Why? I think he was one hell of a coach, and being an American, who has coached in the NFL, I knew he would eventually get that HC job south of the border. He gave the Alouettes the very best he had, and he did do well here. It is not his fault we didn't have a receiver that could catch a ball. If so, we would have been in the Grey cup this year, not those damn Argos.
Wish the man well on his journey as a HC. We should be proud of what he accomplished here, and truly hope he does well for himself, and the Bears.

Je crois que les reproches à l'égard de Trestman viennent surtout de ce qu'il laisse les Alouettes dans un certain délâbrement en ce qui concerne les entraîneurs. Sous Trestman, les Alouettes ont perdu Tim Burke, Scott Milanovitch, Mike Sinclair, le gars des unités spéciales dont j'oublie le nom. Les Alouettes doivent reconstruire leur équipe d'entraîneurs en même temps que leur défensive et leurs unités spéciales. On ne peut pas dire que Trestman laisse l'équipe dans un état aussi bon qu'il l'était lorsqu'il est arrivé. C'est le reproche qu'on peut lui faire.

Nice post. Welcome to the forum Donny.

A great coach and truly a class act.
Good luck in the NFL coach.

I fully concur with you, Donny!

The fans (and that word is a derivative of the word "fanatic") are truly lovers of the team - fanatics, if you will. There is almost always a sense of betrayal when we lose someone of this calibre. But, as many posters have also said, Trestman was largely responsibile for putting a competitive - and winning! - team on the field. Under his leadership, the Als always had a chance to make it to the Big Dance. I also concur with other posters that Trestman brought the best out of Anthony Calvillo.

However, the sports industry is a temporary one and life goes on. Some great athletes and coaches have shortened careers due to injury, illness, and a myriad of other reasons. However, as long as the CFL and NFL are what they are, this will not be an isolated incident. Only a few ex-CFLers have made it big in the NFL, so this incident is rather rare; it is not entirely surprising that the NFL would be interested, given the notoriety of the Als, largely due to the almost unbelievable exploits of Calvillo.

I can't competely blame Trestman and others for seeking their fortunes in the NFL. Now, the issue is - will some of our better players be tempted to follow suit and try their luck in the NFL? Next, life goes on, and we will have to find a new HC as our first priority. This is not catastrophic. Since the Als returned to Montreal, we have had a number of HCs, all of whom were capable of putting competitive and winning teams on the field. I sincerely hope, however, that Popp will remain with us for the foreseeable future. It was under his leadership and his "nose for talent" that we have had great players season after season that put the Als where they are.

So, the dust is beginning to settle on this issue, and I hope that we have a good team and coaching staff to begin the 2013 season.

Trestman picked Aaron Kromer as OC so we could make an offer to Chris Jones. :thup:
Cassius will now sit down with Bob Wetenhall and figure out what they do, says he should have someone hired within two weeks.

Hi every one
I don't get on here as much as i would like to. I just want to say thanks to all who post, Thanks to all of you for keeping me inform about our Team. And last thanks to our Coach who gave us all a great time. I don't watch the NFL much. But I will from now on, I have a team I can follow now. :thup:

Donny2 like you ive been a fan as a boy.I'M 53 now,Saw my first game in 1970 vs T.O . "Great post"

Huh? Speak English, man! :smiley:

Cassius will now sit down with Bob Wetenhall and figure out what they do, says he should have someone hired within two weeks.
Let's hope so.

Trestman chose Aaron Kromer as his OC in Chicago so Milanovich not getting on the Trestman gravy train means should there be interest on the part of Chris Jones in the HC position, Barker could not stop him. However I am not certain he will be interested as long as Cassius is in Montreal.

Ah, I see, thanks. We'll have to wait and see how this all pans out. I just hope that Popp does his due diligence on this hire and puts the NFL stuff to one side until we've got a new HC installed. So much uncertainty now. What becomes of Meyer and Thorpe? What about that new DL coach hire? We basically have to fill out an entire coaching staff in a matter of weeks...

Cassius says he hopes to have a HC within two weeks. We will be lucky to have a full staff by E-Camp. My take on this is Cassius won't even start looking till the weekend (When it is confirmed he's not getting the Jets job :wink: )

What's even more mind boggling to me is that Cassius told Moffat this morning he's goint to Florida at the East-West bowl on SUNDAY. Everyone who knows football, knows that the action is on friday and saturday while these prospects practice. He should be there Thursday night not Sunday.

To somewhat balance out the piling on of Popp, he is already in Florida (as per CJAD website) and I heard with my own little ears Popp tell Moffat this morning he does not expect to get the Jets job.

And as long as we are using Shakesperean nicknames, what would you give to Jones and Milanovich for their scheme in getting Jones out of Calgary last year?!

How about Batmanarian nicknames ?
Jim "The joker" Barker
Chris "two face" Jones
Scott "Commish Gordon" Milanovich

Who gets the part as Catwoman ?!

Hufnagel... :smiley:

But who is Scarecrow??? :wink:

Sad to see him go as he is a great coach, one of the best we've had. All that changes now really is that I now have an NFL team to follow that isn't a complete gong show (shouldnt be hard to guess what my previous favorite nfl team)

Your a Jets fan.... :smiley:

El Presidente ! Gets hammered by Michel Villeneuve DeMoron demanding a bilingual coach LOL !