Trestman is Coach of the Year....

He's a humble guy which I like most about him and he has raised the bar for the rest of the coaches in the league, that is good all around. It's almost impossible to hate the Als now that he is coach. When The Don was coaching them, it was easy to hate them.

Well deserved, good choice.

Now imagine the Bombers had won the last 4 games of the season,Mike Kelly=Coach of the year. :lol: He truly would have gotten the last laugh.

Exactly. Guys like Trestman and Hufnagel have taken the CFL game to a new level. Offenses are so much more sophisticated now than they were even a few years ago, and this sophistication forces defenses to adjust and improve.

Trestman did something I really didn't think could be done in three-down football: implement a ball-control offense to devastating effect.

While that has been the case for the past four years, it is not always so. Out of the past 12 years, the Grey Cup winning head coach has won the award only six times ( It has also been awarded to the coach who had vastly improved the team or even gotten the team to the Grey Cup but lost.

Very rewarding and congrats to Trestman on coach of the year. This guy has great football knowledge. :smiley:

Unfortunately, that wasn't the mindset of the "old boys club" aka Football Writers of Canada in 2009.

In 2002 the offensive coordinator for the Oakland Raiders was none other than Marc Trestman. The Raiders went 11-5, lead the league in total offense, and went to the Super Bowl (and lost). Trestman left the team after the 2003 season, and the Raiders haven't been better than 5-11 since, and its offense has been perennially anaemic. He moved on to the Dolphins and helped that team to a winning record, and then to N.C. State as O.C. in 2005. The Wolfpack went 14-0 that year.

The point is that wherever Marc Trestman shows up the team improves. The Allouettes are no exception. He's clearly a great coach and the CFL is lucky to have him.

The Wolfpack won its bowl game 14-0. It didn't have a 14-0 record. Sorry for the mistake.