Trestman is Coach of the Year....

...Congrats, well deserved

Just saw this. He definitely deserved this. After a tough Grey Cup loss, he was able to get his team re-focused, and the Als went on a tear. Congrats to Marc!


Good for him he did a great job well deserved.

Well deserved. The Al's were well prepared every game.

.....Every coach in this league, should try and emulate and accomplish what this guy has.......He holds the bar high,,,,,Congrats. Marc Trestman.. :thup:

Congrats to Marc, although all three finalists deserved the award. :slight_smile:

Those of you who haven't watched it should look up Trestman's post-Grey Cup locker room which TSN aired after the game. Marc's a pretty special human being, and as an Als fan, I feel privileged to have him as our head coach.

You have to give that guy alot of credit, he simply doesn't quit. Well respected by players/fans and collegues both sides of the border.

Congrats MT :thup:

Yes Congrats,well deserved.

Not meaning to hijack the thread at all,but why is this award handed out now?Why dont they do it during Grey Cup week with all the player awards.I'm sure the playoffs influence the voters for this award to some point,I mean the players awards are based on the reg season,why not the coaches?

what were the als? 15-3 and won the grey cup.. how isnt he coach of the year would be my question.

17-3? throw in pre-season and what? 19-3, 18-4 at the worst? yeah well deserved.


Absolutely the right choice.

It's hard to believe (or maybe not considering who's in charge) that the Raiders let this guy get away. Fantastic coach. Congratulations MT!

I've often thought the same thing. The season ended three months ago, and all the awards were handed out around the GC, and yet we're just getting to this one now. I'd also like them to release the vote. I'm kind of curious how close it was between Trestman and MB.

C'mon, as a Raiders fan, you should know coaches never last more than a season... :lol:

Unfortunately for us TiCat fans Mr. Trestman will still be around with the Als. :cry:

Great for the Als fans and franchise though.

Great choice, great guy and great ambassador for our league.
Glad he will be staying for a few more years.

Two years ago, I remember being furious with Jim Popp for hiring an unknown guy named Marc Trestman, who had zero CFL experience, instead of an established CFL name. :lol:

I'll take my crow with a side of fries, thanks. :smiley:

I have to say, I never really cared about coach of the year, unless I had a sentimental favorite like pinball.

Me too, definitely he is one of a very few that has worked.
Marv Levy is another that comes to mind.

Marc was very quick to point out yesterday that he walked into a pretty good situation with an established group of veterans and a quality QB. That being said, Popp has to be commended for insulating Trestman at every level with experienced CFL-ready personnel (as Duane Forde noted in a column last year). Marc wasn't throw into the fire without any support. He had people he could lean on as he learned the Canadian game.

The other thing is attitude. Through the 2008 season, Marc was very candid about his mistakes in areas such as managing the clock inside the three-minute warning. He didn't come into the league thinking that 'football is football' and that he could do as he pleased without getting to know three-down football from the inside. He didn't run his mouth off and put down other coaches because they did things differently (the Mike Kelly method). He just went to work -- quietly and humbly. And it's paid dividends like few would have believed.

Coach of the Year=Coach of Grey Cup Champions. Might as well give the award along with the Grey is that obvious.