Trestman Interviewed for UM HC

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Good luck to Trestman.

Hope he goes :wink:

First place will be ours! MMMM...BWWOOOHAHAHAHA!

If he goes, I wish him every success. He has been a great credit to the CFL in his time here.

I don't think his departure means first place in the east automatically comes to us. Montreal has a pretty darn strong team, and I don't expect a new coach there to be an automatic disaster for them. AC retiring would have a much greater impact on their prospects than Trestman's departure.

I'll second that stevehvh,

If Jim Popp's track record is of any indication, Montreal's next HC will be just as much a force to be reckoned with.

Yes, Popp and the Als track record will have some excellent candidates just itching to get a shot there no question.

If Trestman goes....there goes our chance to get Scott Milanovich. :cry:

How do you figure?

Cap'n: I think Milanovich will replace Trestman. he has been one heck of an OC.
I had been touting him him as a future HC for us.

It appears Al Golden will be named the new head coach of the U on Monday.

Oski Wee Wee,


This one reports Trestman out of the running and suggests what the reason why might be:

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Trestman has been great for the CFL but he's already accomplished more than most HCs who've been here for years. I can't see him staying on with the Als indefinitely although apparently, he loves the working conditions.

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