Trestman hires Tim Tibesar as LB coach

Another Als assistant gets hired by Trestman. Bears will probably be the Als bigget competition signing free agents in the coming years.

And maybe Carson Walch also:

Heather Engel ?@engelheather
Depleted Als staff could lose another MT @adamjahns: Another candidate for position w/ #Bears is Carson Walch, #Alouettes' receivers coach.

Going to have to call them the Chicago Alouettes. Might be the first team to win both the SB and the GC in the same year :lol:

Seriously. If Trestman fails. It will be another 50 years before they hire a CFL HC to take over an NFL team.

Brutus is going to crash hard. :lol:

All this butthurt over Trestman moving on to bigger and better things is both sad and hilarious.

I don't know if it's sad or hilarious, but it's certainly ungrateful for what Trestman has accomplished for the Alouettes and CFL.

And I would defy anyone to say that given the same circumstances they would not have done exactly the same thing as Trestman.

A masked avenger LOL !
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Bears hired Brendan Nugent and Carson Walch as offensive quality control coaches today.

Our equipment manager or his son next ? :lol:

If we are gonna look at Cannonball run clips, might as well watch Johnny's favorite :rockin: :lol:

Hey MD (the) number 2, betcha you know a lot about butthurt... Great first post dude!

Looking at the Bears website, Trestman has 18 Assistant Coaches and he hasn`t hired a receivers coach as yet.

Overseeing that many coaches is a load in itself, aside from his play calling duties. But I do wish him well.

Maybe he plans to dress some.

At least he won`t have to worry about the ratio.

I think what he's doing is having his guys work one+one with NFL guys so that he can put in his system quickly. He will then wean his buddies off the titties and shrink his staff in subsequent years. He's got a tough challenge. He needs to put that team in a conference championship game in his first at bat.

16 to 18 coaches? Will hurt the budget.

No salary cap for coaches and Bears are not a poor team; besides he can't spend a dime the GM doesn't approved.

In the NFL, 19 to 22 assistants coaches is the norm.

The Baltimore Ravens have the Head Coach + 19 Coordinators/assistants.

The San Francisco 49ers have the Head Coach +20.

Kansas City Chiefs have the Head Coach +22.

The Bears will have a few more.