Trestman Fired


Obviously quite the surprise. Certainly looks to be a falling out between Popp and Trestman.

That’s just weird.

Dude won a Grey Cup his first year, and then loses the GC winning QB early the next season and predictably struggles.

Wow, shocking!
Next stop Vancouver??

He still had 1 year remaining on his $600K contract

Popp the next Head Coach??

From Kirk Pentons [b]The Insiders Say[/b] of Oct. 3:

• All Jim Popp does is throw coaches under the bus. He did it to us when we were in Montreal, and that guy is starting to do it to Marc (Trestman) now.

One season out of two end in Grey Cup victories gets you canned? Obviously the loss of the starting QB early on was a big factor in the pitiful season. Must be termoil between the coach and front office.

Not a great look for the Argos.

Sure and we all know how good he is at coaching. :wink: ;D

I thought he would be back for sure. 4-14 coming off a Grey Cup win doesn’t look good either way and the team gave up as the season went along. So a new voice is needed.

Manning went public on the need to win earlier in the week, somewhat endorsed Popp but likely a fire was lit too. From there the HC is the next domino.

Maybe Trestman is happy to be released.

He lost his father not too long ago and his wife is battling cancer I believe.

This is true
A very good read here on that very subject

I'm not sure Popp is safe. I think the Argos President sent him home with some homework and if he doesn't grade well, could be out of a job in the coming weeks.

I would be very, very surprised if Trestman jumped right in to something else.

I don’t think it’s that surprising. Yes, the team lost Ray, but nothing seemed to work after that for the whole season. And then Trestman refuses to use Carter in any meaningful way just shows there was a gap between him and management.

He also caused a PR person to quit on the spot.

Apparently MLSE likes everyone to get along.

Mild surprise out here in prairie-town . . . .

I thought if anything Trestman would simply walk away from his CFL contract to get back in “the game” - as an OC or QB coach with a low to mid-level NFL squad . . .

Now, he’s got a $600k bindlestick of seed money to make his way to NFL interviews. Might even be considered a short-term coach in hte new spring league.

Popp is really having a splendid time firing coaches, working the sideline and grabbing money from non-football minds. He’s superb at it. . . . . that won’t change - - - - a silver-tongued football devil if you will.

As for Trestman - he’s an old hand (some would say hack) now. No more NFL head coaching opportunities. As stated prior - QB or OC for a low to mid level NFL. Head coach or OC in new league.

Head coach or assistant in Tier 2 NCAA.

The guy was just far too listless and disinterested last couple months of season.

I do think Wally (he’ll be a consultant in BC) and Braley might consider Trestman a HC candidate in Vancouver. Obviously, Trestman would demand a king’s ransom - that might be the problem given his CFL record last couple seasons!

One third of the league now - Toronto, BC, and likely Edmonton - will be looking for Head Coaches in the off-season.

Devone Claybrooks is going to be one hell of a popular guy.

Darwin's coaches waiting room now includes:

  • Claybrooks
  • Paul LaPolice
  • Noel Thorpe
  • AC Calvillo
  • Buck Pierce
  • Travis Lulay (only in BC if they get Reilly)
  • Kent Austin
  • Reinbold (awful coach but great at selling himself)
  • Jaimie Elizondo

Did I miss anyone. Obviously there's some guys working down south w/ CFL experience who's ears might perk up when they hear what CFL coaches can make and that most of the money is guaranteed (ie. Danny Barrett, Champ Chamblin, Tom Clements) but I doubt any of them are prepared for career suicide in Toronto - and BC will want a smooth transition from Wally.

Wonder if Mark Killam (Calgary) is ready to step up to DC in Calgary?

Maybe losing his father and his wife battling cancer has something to do with it.

Do not see AC getting a shot as a HC.

Or several others mentioned.

The guy doesn’t coach, he just stares straight ahead during the game and talks incessantly to someone on his mic. Kind of the anti-thesis of Wally.

Jeff Garcia