Trestman fired from Bears

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Former Montreal Alouettes Head Coach Marc Trestman has been fired as HC of the Chicago Bears.

He got a raw deal, but the writing was on the wall. Once again, the Coach takes the fall for the General Manager's failings (making a 2nd-rate (at least) QB in Cutler the highest-paid player in the NFL, not acquiring sufficient backup personnel, too many injuries to starters early in the season (and in pre-season) etc.). Trestman will catch on elsewhere. The Jets perhaps? My wife would LOVE it if he could make it to the 49ers. Imagine - Trestman's offence with Kaepernic's athleticism...

In Chicago's case they completely cleaned house. The GM was fired too.

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Chicago Bears: Marc Trestman has been fired, NFL Media columnist Michael Silver reported on Monday morning. General manager Phil Emery was the first to be fired, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported, per a Bears source.
They refer to this as 'Black Monday' in the NFL because it is the day so many coaches find out they are toast. So far in addition to Trestman, Rex Ryan of the Jets and Mike Smith of the Falcons were canned today and the 49'ers and Jim Harbaugh mutually agreed to 'part ways'. He apparently is about to be handed $8 million per year to coach in the Big House at the University of Michigan who apparently won a bidding war for his services with thde Oakland Raiders.

Too bad about Marc Trestman... he went from a hero in Montreal to a bum in Chicago. Hope this does not sour the NFL on other potential coaches fom the CFL.
I watched every Bears game I could find on TV since he went there. Things looked good for a while but it was obvious this season that he was losing the team. Add that to those two huge back to back losses (55-14 and 51-23) over the past couple of months and it's no surprise that he is gone. Can't figure out why he was unable to have more success with Cutler though.Probably because Cutler was not comfortable with Trestman's offensive schemes.
Trestman is a real student of the game and his time in the CFL proves beyond a doubt that he can be a winner. He will catch on somewhere else...either in the NFL or as a college HC.
Good luck to him.

Fair enough, but really mourning his firing should be done in the main CFL talk forum.

Here, in Austin we trust.

I don't know. A lot of people get to this forum either through a bookmark or from the link on the site and never even look at the forum. So from my perspective anything related to football that has any kind of CFL connection is fine with me being here.

Heck even completely off topic discussions I've got no problem with especially in the off season when I very much enjoy getting fellow Ti-Cats fans views on things other than just specifically the CFL and Ti-Cats related discussions.

If it is a topic of interest to some Cats fans the thread gets legs (i.e. reads and replies). If it turns out to be a topic that other Cats fans are not interested in - it quickly drops down the list of threads and disappears into the never seen land of page two. :slight_smile:

Trestman had to obviously sign off on the extension too. He isnt without blame. Their D was the worst in the history of the Bears 2 years in a row with MT at the helm.

And as a SF diehard, no thanks.

C'mon Crash! You and I both know that (almost) any Head Coach, especially in Trestman's position, will be flat-out TOLD to sign-off on the extension. Yes, the Bears defence WAS horrible, but was that personnel (GM, scouting), injuries (part of the game, insufficient backup (GM)), poor scheme (Def. co-ord, HC), retirement of key players (Urlacher with no-one to step up, GM & scouting).

Then there's the elephant in the room of Cutler's salary taking up so much of the budget, that they couldn't bring in decent free agents. I may have been too generous in calling Cutler a 2nd-tier QB, he actually looked like he didn't give a damn, now that he was being paid the big bucks. I wouldn't be surprised if his receivers, and to a certain extent, his O-line, gave up on him due to his attitude. You can't lay that blame at the HC - the only way to right that wrong is to bench the highest-paid NFL player for a game or two to get his attitude in check. NO GM, Team President, or Owner would let that happen, especially with a sophomore Head Coach. At least the team ownership understood the true reality and fired the GM as well...

Im not saying the entire mess of an organization isnt at fault, but to say he got a raw deal is a little much. Its a QB league and teams with QBs win, teams without QBS generally dont unless you put a guy like Alex Smith with a great D. Trestman has experience with QBs and had some moderate success last year, this year the entire team fell apart and he was at the controls. The Jets played harder for Rex Ryan with much less talent than the Bears. Trestman had to go as much as I hate to see it happen to a great guy.

Jay Cutler Coach Killer!

Marc Trestman
Lovie Smith
Mike Shanahan

Grover: :smiley: .
It will be interesting to see if the new Bears GM will find another HC who can get something better out of Cutler. Or if the team will bite the bullet on the cost and trade him.

When you think of the Bears, you recall Halas, Butkus, Sayers, Singletary, etc.. They all had passion for the game. Cutler looks like he doesn't give a rat's rectum about anything. He's gotta go! :thup:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

And what does Trestman look like?

Ask and ye shall receive...

LOL, put your time in , kid.
Couple more firings then we'll talk "coach killer"

Regards, Darian Durant.

Trestman to the Bills?

They have a great D. They need QB help. Marrone out.

Just sayin’.

More likely to end up as OC with the Jags or the Bucs IMO but I still think Trestman will sit on his 3 million dollars a season contract for the next couple years.

Trestman is slowly becoming one of the more sought-after coordinators on the market right now. The Bucs are also reportedly interested in Dirk Koetter, Greg Roman and Marty Mornhinweg, but if they plan on keeping McCown at quarterback, Trestman has to be the logical favorite.

As a member of the Bears, McCown was hitting passes at a 66 percent clip and threw just one interception. His stellar season earned him the starting nod for Tampa Bay in 2014.

Plus, having the Bears' last two head coaches on the same staff would be too good to pass up.

This is Jay Cutler looking like he doesn't give a rats rectum.

And par for the course for some people, some will call that Trestman's fault. :roll:

Marc Trestman has been on new Raiders HC Jack Del Rio's radar as his OC. The next 48 hours will be important to see whether Trestman opts to go elsewhere, but his Raider roots may prove enough for him to become Derek Carr's QB whisperer.

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