Trestman Cuts Taylor Loose

Herb Zurkowsky, Postmedia News · Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010

MONTREAL - Last season, Larry Taylor ran his way to the Canadian Football League's outstanding special teams player award. But now, almost a year later, he has run his way out of town.

Three days before the East Division final, and only 24 hours after intimating Taylor would return kicks Sunday afternoon against the Toronto Argonauts, Alouettes head coach Marc Trestman decided to release one of his team's most spectacular and dynamic players. Rookie Tim Maypray, who has handled the job most of the season, will do so again as Montreal attempts to qualify for its third consecutive Grey Cup appearance.

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'09 return stats are almost a twin of Thigpen's '10 numbers. We don't need him, but some CFL team is about to get better!

I disagree - If at anytime a team has an opportunity to aquire another speedy player, the braintrust should find a way to adjust the ratio and sign him. Better is Better and Thigpen could be used as a slotback and secondary running back after Cobb losses his starting position to someone who can actually run hard and get yards when needed.

I don’t know the high school and college history of them – what positions they played and how well they did beyond being returners – but what you suggest Wildcats is something I hope those who should know a lot more than me are considering.

I guess the key to this entire situation is "that they should know". I look at the the situation as possible considering looking for another slot back that is quick enough to play running back. Is is likely, judging from the poor talent decisions and lack of any game adjsutments. Unfortunately, at this point I truley think "they don't know how to mix the talent and replace the no-nots. Kind of funny how Count Chocula is replaced by a competent coach and the girls down the QEW are a contender. Go figure. It al starts at the top and drips down hill.

According to GM Popp, they cut him because 1) he wasn't in game shape, 2) it took him three weeks to decide that he wanted to return to the CFL after the Jets cut him and 3) once he got here, he wasn't 100% here, if you get my drift. However, Popp said he'd take him back in the future if his attitude changed.

My guess is that he'll be back at the Als camp next year.

An Argo-Cat fan


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Oski Wee Wee,


This was a great general management decision to send a strong message to more guys than just Larry Taylor along the following lines:

  1. Okay, you want the NFL? Then GO to the NFL. And good luck with that plan next year (ah ah ah ah) ...

  2. If you want to play in the CFL bad enough, you'll be back next year to COMPETE for our team as you can see right now you are not fit to play for the Alouettes or in the CFL.

  3. See you next year when if you show up you'll be more committed at the very least, and either you are all-in for at least two years or get lost.