Trestman Contract

Anyone know how long Trestman has left on his contract?
I believe he signed through 2012. Very unusual for a coach to be on last year of contract so I presume he has signed an extension?

In an RDS interview a couple of weeks ago, Mr. Wettenhall said he would be speaking shortly with Trestman about an extension.

With the Als underachieving this year, Coach Trestman will not be an NFL flavor of the month this off-season, so I expect him to extend. Also, if Milanovich sensed that Trestman would be leaving he would have probably hung around another season.

Hopefully two more years until 2014 which would match Jim Popp's contract. Considering he's never been this long with one team this might be a lot to process. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Sheldon
I wonder if he’ll sign an extension beyond 2012 given,in all liklihood, 2012 is Calvillo’s last real productive potential. If Trestman doesn’t sign I wouldn’t expect much time to be given to McPherson outside of injury or horrid play.
Guess time will tell.

I was looking at some miami dolphin boards and trestmans name was being considered to take over the dolphins.

Flag: I think you are right. Trestman's status would improve should he get the cup in 2012.

dolphins are a desperate team.

tim burke is being interviewed by the ticats. that would be weird: trestman, burke and milanovich all head coaches in the same division. No wonder they won back to back together. :o

The Raiders have apparently fired Head Coach Hue Jackson. Let the rumors begin!

But in all seriousness it will be a very difficult situation to have Trestman go through the season as a lame duck coach. Hopefully Mr. Wetenhall can get him to extend.

Reporters (certainly Herb) will bring it up at every bump in the road. And Trestman not the type to appreciate having to answer those type of questions.

Which kind of proves what we were saying at the time. Some HC jobs aren't worth taking. Raiders will be on their 3rd coach since Coach Trestman has been in Montreal. Similar situation in Miami as well.

RDS is reporting that Trestman could be considered for the Colts’ job. I don’t know how far up or down the ladder he might be. If we lost Trestman, rebuilding a team just got exponentially harder. Some of us may not have liked the so-called West Coast O, but under Trestman, we did rack up an impressive number of Ws. Hope he comes back for at least one more season.

Don't think it's gonna happen. Other names have been mentioned that Grigson is more familiar with. However Tim Tibesar is flying the coop to Purdue University. Greg Marshall as DC anyone?

How about Mike O`Shea?

interesting proposal. starting a new defensive scheme from scratch. hamilton could still snatch him too. boy i've never seen an off-season like this one in the cfl.

Tibesar to Purdue? Can't say it would bother me much. Sure, our defense was ravaged by injury, but his schemes didn't impress me at all, particularly the way he completely neutered the safety position (when Chip freakin Cox lines up at safety and isn't in a position to make a play, something is wrong with the scheme). I was willing to give him a chance to learn from his mistakes, but if he's going to bolt, hey, now we have a chance to bring in a veteran guy like Greg Marshall or Gary Etcheverry.

I've met coach Trestman and I think he's a great coach and genuine respectful guy but it is time for Bob Wetenhaul to have a heart to heart with him because I am not sure Jim sees the forest from the trees right now. If Marc has his heart on going back to the US. I think they should let him and do it now or he should sign at least a one year extension.

It isn't Coach's doing but he's now faced with rebuilding his coaching staff and with a year left on his contract it makes that really difficult. Guys are not going to want to tie their wagon to a guy who is on his last year of his deal and is interviewing with other organisations also the guy who takes over from him will be saddled with guys he may not be comfortable with.

As a fan I have no issue with Tibesar leaving if that's what he wants, the CFL isn't for everyone. Management should address this quickly before they lose control of their football operations.

The John Clayton -ESPN- of this world say/write anything/many scenarios. Since the end of 2008, John Clayton has mentionned Marc Trestman as a possibility for a coaching job in the NFL.

I don't worry a second and he will be back along with a good coaching staff.


I'm thinking the same. I think he will extend his contract a year and call back the guys he's picked.

apparently Trestman is down the pecking order with regards to Colts HC position.

it's called the "silly" season. At the end of every NFL season and the openings for HC positions around the NFL, rumours are rampant for many possibilities whereby few ever actually materialize.

Would be surprised to see him with the Als. TiCats would be more likely given he would not have to uproot his family.