Trestman Coach of the Year



I :lol: hope you were not expecting Gramps to win :roll:

congrats to a deserving individual who came in with virtualy no knowledge of the CFL rules and took the Al's to a grey cup in a short time.

Gramps is a way better coach than you are and ever will be!!

Based on that premise, Trestman should have been the COTY in 2008, but we know the Stampeder fans would have cried "travesty".

Trestman does have great football knowledge. On that note so does coach Miller.

Montreal went 15-3 in the regular season, Saskatchewan 10-7-1.
Montreal clinched first place in the East with several games to go, Saskatchewan clinched first in the west in the last week of the season.
Montreal won the Grey Cup, Saskatchewan lost the Grey Cup.

Trestman deserved to be coach of the year in my opinion. They had five more wins and a Grey cup. 2008 was a bit closer because Calgary and Montreal had similar records, and Calgary won the Grey Cup.

I think he deservedly beat out Miller and Bellefeuille... And had the Riders not had the 13th man call, and win the cup.. It would have been Millers. Although Hats off to Bellefeuille, he's really turning Hamilton around =) (thank god!)

Um, my distinct recollation is that, for COY, voting happens before playoffs. If true, it wouldn't matter who wins the Grey Cup. Just the announcement, not the voting, is held back to supposedly keep the CFL in the news in the dark days of winter.