Trestman being interviewed for Oakland job

Despite signing a contract extension, it looks like Al's HC Trestman may still be headed to Oakland this year. The piece below is from today's TSN website.

An Argo-Cat fan

After leading the Montreal Alouettes to the Grey Cup Championship, could Marc Trestman be headed back to the Oakland Raiders?

According to the San Franciso Chronicle, Trestman, who used to be an offensive coordinator with the club, is reportedly on the list on candidates to be interviewed for the Raiders head coaching job by owner Al Davis, despite the fact that the club has yet to fire their current coach Tom Cable.

Wonder if this could prevent Milanovich from accepting the Toronto or Winnipeg HC job? Would the Als promote Milanovich to HC if Trestman left?

This just sounds like US newspapers recycling the same stories from last year without much, if anything, in the way of evidence.

If Popp hasn't even been contacted about Trestman being interviewed, I doubt there's anything to this story.

Oh Oh ! He's on the list :lol:

Poor Al Davis....Some people just don't know when to sell.

Is the announcement Monday? Of year 2013?


read what it says

According to the San Franciso Chronicle, Trestman, who used to be an offensive coordinator with the club, is reportedly on the list on candidates to be interviewed for the Raiders head coaching job
It says that he is on a list.....It does not say that he was interviewed, or even that he has accepted to be interviewed! It only says that he is on a list! ANd they havent even fired the guy that he is supposed to be replacing! [url=] ... 940S81.DTL[/url]
Herrera denied a report in the San Francisco Chronicle that Davis has interviewed Jim Fassel and Marc Trestman as potential coaching candidates............"Tom Cable is the coach. ...

I hope he leaves for a number of reasons 1, improves our chances big time 2, I'm tired of montreal and their overrated fanbase being the leagues story (20k in fan support is nothing to brag about) 3, more NFL coaches will consider the CFL.

Monteals Stadium only holds 20,000 but yet after 11 home games(including 1 preseason and 1 playoff) Montreal outdrew Hamilton 55% of the time

The big O holds 60k lol. They can play somewhere else, they dont have to play in a dumpy high school stadium. What happened to their plans on expanding it to at least 25k?

They out drew us 3 times during the reg season, 2 games by 1k the other by a whopping 100 fans lol.

Its being expanded now!

Check again
Montreal sold out every game at 20,202(96 straight games so far)
june 23 16225
July 21 20103
Aug 18 19206
Sept 18 19448
Oct 2 19562
Hamilton Eastern semifinal 27,430
Montreal Eastern Final 53,792

in 6 of 11 Homegames , Montreal had more fans in the stands than Hamilton did!
MAybe 20,000 is nothing to brag about, but it sure beats Hamilton.
ANd again, Montreal is maxed out at 20,000 who knows how many they would have sold if there were more seats.

But back to the topic at hand

Trestman has stated that in 30 years of football, he has never enjoyed going to work like he has in Montreal. That plus the offseason is the offseason and he gets to spend that time with his family.....

He didnt have to extend his contract with the Als, he knew jobs would be available in the NFL. He signed because he wants to be in Montreal.

He is not going anywhere


Thanks for the numbers. Pay no attention to our negative posters.
Montreal deserves the success they have had. It's a well-run organization with smart people and some very good players.
I hope you are right about Trestman. We need him in the league to set a standard for other coaches and potential coaches.
However....I expect your CFL East dominance in all of these areas will be challenged very soon by our Tiger-Cats. :thup:

Overrated fan base? You must be referring to the so-called Rider nation. :lol:

Geez it's not even training camp and the whining begins.....

Firstly if I were an you, I would hope that the Cat's chances would improve cause they got better not because a rival lost a key player or coach.

As far as the numbers, you also forgot to take into consideration the 2000 people who are actually paying money to sit on a waiting list. It took me years of waiting before I got my season tickets and if I drop em, there are 2000 ppl who would grab em in a minute. And if you want to compare attendance, it is well known that the Cats pad their gate with freebees, and special discounts and promotions.

Construction has far as dumpy, there isn't a more beautiful place in the league to watch a CFL game. IWS is a better facility, but you probably want to mow it down to play in a multi purpose version of BMO field..yawn.

On of the really nice things about the CFL is that even though we are Cats fans or Als fans or Riders...whatever, we are CFL fans who defend our league because it is the underdog. We all know people who trash the league because it "isn't the NFL". If Trestman leaves the CFL, the whole league will be poorer for it. That should not make you happy.

Kevin Glenns comeback was a feel good story. Bob Young saving the Cats was a great thing for the league. The Cats winning as many games last year as the had in the previous three combined was great for the league. Do I hope that Glenn breaks his leg, or AB3 retires or that Caretaker throws up his hands and says "enough losing money" and dumps the team to the Gleibermans?

Als will lose Trestman to NFL — just not yet

By Herb Zurkowsky, Canwest News ServiceJanuary 20, 2010

[url=] ... story.html[/url]
“All I can tell you is Marc’s the head coach of the Alouettes

and has not interviewed for any jobs,?

Trestman’s agent, Darren Weiner, said from Miami.

“Nor is he trying to position himself for any jobs.

There’s no news to report. He’s the head coach (of Montreal). That’s it.

“You know as much as I do. I wake up and see these things.

It’s very entertaining to see. I guarantee you he did not interview with the Raiders.?

Sounds very definite, right?
...But a CFL source with connections to the Raiders said

Trestman was interviewed, or at least was spotted in the team’s office.

Maybe not so definite but how much credence can you put in a unnamed source?
Said another source:

“He has commented to me the NFL’s crazy and isn’t coach-friendly.

He likes where he’s at and wants to stay in Montreal for a lot of reasons,

mainly family. He has two daughters in high school and wants to see them graduate.

He gets to spend half the year in the U.S.

“I’d be surprised if he leaves.?

What's he make in Montreal...$300,000?

What would he make in Oakland? add a zero?

A zero doesn't seem like much until its added to

a number like $300,000 which makes it $3 million.

After a few years at that kind of money

he could send both his daughters to Princeton :slight_smile:
and then on to graduate school at Harvard :smiley:

and after that, he could send
them both on a world tour. :lol:

Good on you als4ever.

I agree with you. Trestman is good for the Alouettes and good for the CFL. I hope all this speculation about him being interviewed for an NFL job is just that. I'm glad he's in Montreal. I'm glad he appreciates the CFL game, enjoys it and wants to be here. I hope he stays as he said he would by signing a good extension. I hope his example rubs off on other good coaches who may want to come here-- if they have the same attitude he does we'll all be better off for it.

As for the stadium, Molson Stadium is not a high school stadium, it's a university stadium. The diatribe is unwarranted. Yes it's small, that's why it is being renovated and expanded to be more professional and to give the Als more revenue. But no one in the CFL other than Edmonton can claim a need for a 40-50,00 seat stadium for CFL football. Certainly not Hamilton. Let's be realistic, the fan base is just not of that magnitude. Heck, the Green Bay Packers have a waiting list of 30,000 for season's tickets-- that's more than IWS even holds!

For my part, I'm glad we have Coach Marcel, anticipate a good year in 2010 with an improved team that will contend with the Als in the East, and look forward to a new stadium in Hamilton in a few years. I don't need to slag Montreal or it's stadium or wish the Als ill.

Als4ever, you are exactly right. The entire CFL is better for having Trestman coaching one of its teams and great players like AC, Cahoon, Chiu, et al playing for it. They help give the league and the other 7 teams credibilty. Who wants to win over 2nd rate competition? It's a loser's mindset. Obviously, the goal of every other team in the league is to be as good as and better than the Als and that makes it better for the fans.

An Argo-Cat fan

Thanks for the kind words guys..

This is all part of my New Years resolution to stop trolling out here and keep my posts positive! :smiley:

I doubt very much Trestman is making 300k, Matthews was making upwards of 400k so he's probably closer to the 500k mark, damn good money.

Trestman probably drops in to see Al whenver he's in souther cal... Does not mean he's interviewing for a job.