Trestman available

Anyone in Montreal interested?

Trestman has had a tough year personally ... Dad died on Labour Day ... his mother, wife and sister-in-law are all fighting cancer ... getting fired buys out whatever was left on his contract and lets him focus on family ... doubt he is even considering coaching anywhere at the moment.

Random thought hit me this morning … Trestman has a relationship with Calvillo … if Als were to hire AC is the OC, I wonder if Trestman would sign on as his consultant … AC visits in the off-season to work on playbook, MT attends training camp (and pre-camp coaches prep) and, from home, MT watches “game film”, providing AC feedback the day after each game; maybe visits 2-3 times during the season.

Did the tour of duty that AC had done for the Wettenhal’s not leave him with a sour taste?
Being bounced around from QB coach, OC, back to QB coach.
I could be wrong here.

Wasn’t predicting it would happen, just that it was the only scenario I could see for Trestman to get involved with the Als … Calvillo is a Montreal guy and a I think his issues would be much more with his former direct bosses (HCs), and maybe the GMs, than the Wettenhals … I expec t if this were even considered it would depend on how AC and MT get along with Sherman (or whatever coach replaces him if that were to happen) … with the new CFL coaching cap there may not be a lot of openings for AC … the cap may also lead to a lot of coaching decisions in the next couple of months to get rid of money before the cap takes effect (unless it excludes the payouts for fired coaches).

Les problèmes que Trestman a eu à Toronto seraient les mêmes qu’à Montréal. Il préfère diriger des quarts de pochette, alors que nos deux meilleurs quarts (Manziel et Pipkin) sont mobiles, à la James Franklin. Ses choix d’adjoints à ses dernières années à Montréal n’étaient pas fabuleux et il continuerait d’être mal entouré (surtout si Calvillo est dans le portrait). Trestman serait certes une amélioration par rapport à Sherman et je serais content de le voir à Montréal, mais comme nous l’avons souvent dit cette saison, le HC n’est pas le principal problème des Alouettes.

Ceci étant dit, les Lions et probablement les Eskimos auront à engager un nouvel entraîneur-chef pour la saison 2019. Si Trestman veut rester HC dans la LCF, ces deux équipes sont plus intéressantes que Montréal.

Comme HfxTC a mentione dans un autre poste, presentment il y a d autres choses plus importantes pour Trestman a penser.

I’d gladly take Trestman back. I think Toronto made a serious mistake firing him.

At first I figured Popp had let Trestman out of his contract for humanitarian reasons. Then I watched the press conference and it became clear that Popp was hurt and uncomfortable and he chose his neck over Trestman. The Team President basically said he called the shot based on what Popp had told him!

As for bringing him to Montreal, I have zero doubt that the old man will reach out to him to see where is head is at. Edmonton will reach out, so will Winnipeg if O’Shea heads to Toronto. Hervey in BC not so sure. Hervey demands a balance offense, something Trestman rarely does.

As for the Als, If you do that you got to go out and sign a Harris or Reilly. Otherwise it is a waste of time. Manziel will not have the discipline and interest learning or executing Trestman’s West Coast offense.

I lost all respect for Popp during his last season in Montreal. I respect his legacy with the Alouettes, but the man himself is garbage to me. Trestman is a huge reason why Popp has the cred and the reputation he does – he brought Popp three Cups! And for that he gets axed in a season when his whole family is basically dying of cancer around him. Zero class.


Don’t watch the presser, it will break your heart.

:(How does Popp do Trestman like that? Brutal.

In any case, even if we scoop up Trestman, it won’t do much good if our recruiting doesn’t get better…

I think Trestman will take 2019 off. With the new rules no team will pay him 600k to coach so he would be losing money coaching in the CFL next year. Might as well take care of his loved ones. He’s not broke.

Maybe Trestman is happy to have been let go for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost his family.

And how management wanted certain players while he had other ideas in mind.

Yeah, I agree that family will come first here, as it should. He’s not hurting for money.

On the other hand, maybe football is what he needs to take his mind off things and help him grieve? People are different.

I think Trestman pissed off Popp because he didn’t allow him to meddle with his roster.

1- When Manziel trade talks began. Trestman came right out and said he wanted no part of Manziel. I’m sure MLSE and Popp were takers.

2- Trestman chose to Play Mcleod a 30 year old pocket passer over Jennings who Popp had gone out and signed to build on after Ray called it quits (which happened early through injury).

3- Trestman had no use for “The Duron”. Another close associate of the Popp cabal.

So Popp likely whined to MLSE and it ended up costing his friend and HC his job.

He definitely would fit in the Wetenhall’s plan for 2020 after Reed and his bunch’s contract is up. I think if you see him in Montreal it would be for the 2020 season and he would likely move permanently to Montreal.

Jim Popp: a man who got lucky by being in the right place in the right time, with some once-in-a-generation coaches (Matthews, Trestman) and QBs (Ham, Calvillo). Not saying he didn’t work – yes he did. At his best, he was phenomenal at scouting kick returners, DBs, and receivers, and he never let our O-line slip into the abysmal state it’s currently in. But his legacy as a superstar GM was basically built on others.

And he had plenty of help in the recruiting as well who he took credit for their work.

-Chris Jones
-Jim Barker
-Brock Sunderland
-John Murphy