Trestman and Popp could both be gone after 2018

I am sure everybody couldn't help but notice that Trestman was uncharacteristically angry last night
I know, consider the source, but,

Arash Madani
As I told @sportscage tonight, the expectation is that one of Trestman or Popp won't be back with the Argos in 2019.

[b]There has been major friction with MLSE and Argos top football brass. Depending on how the off-season shakes down, both could be gone.

Now, back to baseball.[/b]
5:19 PM - Oct 12, 2018

Lots to it in here

Trestman seems frustrated with the current state of the club and it’s conceivable he might return to the NFL or the upstart AAF as the 62-year-old has plenty of coaching connections south of the border. After winning the CFL title last year, there were reports Trestman was a candidate for the Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator job. His deal with Toronto, which still has a season to run, is worth more than $600,000 per season and if the Argos moved on from Trestman he would still collect that salary.
Popp is making similar money and also has a year left but MLSE certainly has no shortage of financial resources and would have no issue moving on from the pair if they feel it’s warranted.

“That was not pass interference,? he said before laying into Bradbury. “Al, you’re lucky I’m mic’d tonight. I’ve never said a word to you in seven years and I’m not going to say a word tonight. But you’re lucky I’m mic’d. It’s not right.?

Was it pass interference?

I didn’t think so when I saw it live, and BMO isn’t the best for replays. Banks complained immediately but that’s not exactly unusual.

The control center said it was, and they are always right, aren't they?? :o :o :o

Maybe he never had to say anything to Al because he rarely gets the Command Centre calls against him. Never coached in Hamilton, obviously. And besides, as we have heard repeatedly, the head official stands behind the offence and Al would not have been the one making the call, or failing to overturn it.

Looks good on Trestman, he is a good coach, but tends to be a bit full of himself. As my Dad would have said, “A good tradesman never blames his tools”.

Madani’s post is very vague. No sources other than himself when he says “expectation is” etc.
Who expects either Trestman, Popp or both to be gone after this season? Also “Trestman seems…”
This report is nothing but pure speculation. Madani could be right but until something concrete is quoted it belongs to fantasy football right now.

This was all shocking since for years any marginal call would always favour the Argos. Presumably to help keep their decaying fanbase at least somewhat engaged with a winning team.

It was also shocking because it favoured the Cats. ;D

The RTP against Toronto in the 3rd quarter was as soft as the DPI on Speedy.

Both were extremely weak calls against the Argos.

Oh well. :slight_smile:

It was a hit to the head IIRC.

Madani’s an ambulance chaser.

You’d think if you were told there was friction the first thing out of your mouth would be to ask what the nature of the friction is. But no.

Madani pulled this out of his arse

I think that it would be a big mistake to fire them both or either of them. This season was a dumpster fire for them that began when Ricky Ray went down and add in all the key defensive players out and they never recovered.

If they're gone it's not because of the on field result of this season.

If one or both is fired will we be lucky if they’re mic’ed?

I've never liked Madani. He's never been a fan of the CFL . He's employed by a network that ignores Canadian football, both university and professional . I wouldn't use his opinions to wrap the fish !

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

If they say Masoli is great they sure are!

Rogers did buy into ownership with Bell for the Argos.

I remember seeing that hit at the game and watched it on replay. Masoli actually ducks last second so there was helmet to helmet contact.
Its a bs call. (Maybe ref are making up for the mysterious DI call they against us last year, which was upheld by command centre)
Bad calls regardless of who they are called against diminishes the quality and charcter of the league. Command centre seems a little blind - and does whatever they feel like.

Both the CFL and NFL (even more so) are making a lot of questionable rules to protect QBs…if this keeps up we’ll be counting steamboats soon.

The NFL has turned into an absolute joke. Cant even tackle a QB, cant hit a receiver, cant lower your head as a RB.
Yes Masoli ducks, but if there's doubt they are going to protect the QB.

Trestman and Popp to Halifax, once the expansion franchise is green-lighted?

Possibly, but the franchise is still non-existent, and with no real way to gauge anything from a fans perspective.

Well there will be a hell of a lot more fans in Halifax then there are in Toronto…if any other CFL city was as pathetic as the argos, i would say move the franchise.