Trestman, Als' coaches unhurt after traffic accident

From TSN:

MONTREAL -- Montreal Alouettes head coach Marc Trestman, two members of his staff and the CFL team's athletic therapist were uninjured after being involved in a traffic accident Monday.

Trestman, running backs and offensive line coach Andy Bischoff and defensive line coach Mike Sinclair, along with Rodney Sassi were in a van that was struck by a tanker truck on a Montreal highway. Sassi was operating the vehicle, which suffered damage to the driver's side.

Quebec provincial police were called to the scene. Trestman and the coaches were slightly late for the start of practice as a result of the accident.

"We're all good," Trestman told reporters afterwards. "Sassi did a good job of driving."

I'm glad no one was hurt. don't want to hear stuff like this.....Driving can be a dangerous occupation....I'm sure glad they were alright :thup: ...Not only do you have to drive for yourself but also for everyone else on the road

Glad to hear everyone's OK. Defensive driving is a must no matter where you are.

No truth to the rumour that the hit and run trailer had a Sask. license plate!

Driving in Montreal is hazardous to your health and whatever you do you don’t want to be hurt or killed in the province of Quebec. A friend got killed on the Metropolitan highway two years ago and the responsible driver was driving under a Quebec license. The lovely Quebec SAAQ insurance paid 20 000.00 to the widow for the life of a young father with two kids. thas it…

Corporal insurance is covered by the Quebec government and it is a fraud…