Trestman 4 year contract extension?

As per rds and Didier, the Alouettes have offered him a 4 yr contract extension, but he has yet to accept. What really sucks though is that there is a clause in the contract that he can bolt to the NFL or NCAA if the right offer comes up. :oops:

Hope Marc signs it. Then maybe Popp could get a two-year extension to have them both until 2016 when we'll likely host the grey cup again, if not 2014.

Not a good idea to have them expire together.

Dunno if there's such a thing as a 'lifetime contract'. :stuck_out_tongue:

Them opiate pain killers working well hey ?

getting drained of blood can make one say the silliest things. should be better tomorrow.

I would not be surprised if he has already agreed to/signed a new contract. Discussions on a new contract began in Februay with Mr. Paul Harris.

Als are awaiting the right time to make the announcement.


Very likely, most contracts have similar clauses. Most Americans in the CFL would like to make it south of the border, either in the NFL or NCAA. Sad to say, that's the way the cookie crumbles. Unless, of course, football becomes number one in Canada...well, I can dream!

Well, how about a 15-year contract a la Ilya Kovalchuk of the New Jersey Devils?

Its a big decision for Trestman because that four year contract brings him to 60 years of age and it is very unlikely that he would get a shot as a rookie NFL HC at 60. The trend is to younger HC. Also in his book he states that a coach's two years is the life expectancy of a coach after that the message gets stale and new ideas and concepts are required. So nine years is probably something that probably forces him to rethink his own beliefs. There is also Calvillo, Ownership, Jim's status and being away from his family for six months out of the year. Its a big decision for anyone in a position like this.

On the filp side nine years making around half a million a year to be a coach with months off every year and an Ownership who he says is the very best he's worked for in his career is a pretty rare thing in coaching. I doubt he's interested moving to another CFL team for a small raise.

Let's hope he sticks around another four years. I think he's a very special coach and person.

Hfx, isn't the coach time limit thing for coordinators rather than HCs? I haven't read his book so I can't check it up myself.

In any case, yes, I hope Marc sticks around. Very special person who has allowed us to close out the decade in spectacular fashion, with B2B Grey Cup wins.

Classy guy - tremendous football sense.

I, too, hope he stays around. BUT! I hope that Jim Popp stays around also. Great coach though he be, you can't coach a GC team without GC-calibre players - that's Popp's field of expertise. So, I hope the dynamic duo will become a fixture here. I could get used to to GC parades down Ste Catherine St.!

Well this is the week Trestman has to sign an extension, or I`m afraid his contract situation will be a season long distraction. Herb is already salivating.

If as has been mentioned he is allowed an out clause, he has absolutely no reason not to sign. He gets the security of a decent Alouette contract and the chance to pursue his NFL dreams if the right situation presents itself. So why he would not sign is a puzzle. Unless it relates to the details of the out clause.

His agent Darren Weiner has apparently switched professions to become a real estate agent to pro athletes, so I don`t know if that has anything to do with it.

I honestly feel the Als at least on paper have one of their stronger teams in quite some time, and it will be a shame to have the Trestman situation detract from it. And it will hurt the team publicity wise in the Montreal sports landscape.

I am not worried.

1= Jim said Marc would like to stay in Montreal.
2- Marc said this is the best job hes ever had and the nicest person hes ever worked for
3- He`s wanted here and was offered a four year deal

Let`s give them time to negotiate even if it takes another month or two, it is no big deal at this point.

Marc Trestman supposed to be introducing his coaching staff to the press at noon today.

Hopefully he didn`t forget that we still need an OL coach. :smiley:

I`m also confused (among lots of other things) about the Als rookie camp. In the past like all other CFL teams they would hold a 3 day rookie camp starting yesterday, although it was closed to the press. While the other CFL teams started theirs yesterday, we have only heard about the open tryout yesterday.

So are the Als in fact holding a rookie camp this year?

While the Als hold rookie camps in previous years, it was never announced/the Press was not invited. Will be the same this year,starting today.

For many teams,these camps begin today.


From what i understand is Trestman wants them to focus on the instruction. They only get 3 days to make it.

agreed. :thup:

As I watched Trestman’s interview today it just occured to me that he is going to be the longest standing head coach the als have had since returning in 1996. Assuming he doesn’t leave in the middle of the season for ‘medical reasons’. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see Jeff Reinbold in the mix. Looking forward to seeing him sunday.

In the JdeM today: Popp not worried about Trestman signing ‘It’ll happen’. also endorsing Mark the new COO. Everyone is going into this season with a little spring in their step.

There's also a nice little interview with Jeff Reinebold on CJAD's website.