Tresman popp

Tresman popp 3 months .austin 5 years wow

Apply to be Gm/ head coach. You are the man who can save this team. :rockin:

Kind of a stupid comparison. Trestman/Popp are in their first year in TO and not even half way through the season. Year 1 and 2 for Austin as a ticat were grey cup appearances, the first since 1999.

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by Palmer » Thu Feb 23, 2017 1:58 pm

steeltownguy wrote:
Maybe it is my personal opinion but I find Jim Popp to be a weasel, the way he GM's the way he coaches, I am not a fan of either. There are plenty of ways to re-invigorate this great rivalry and slapping a chump like Popp in the GM office is probably the worst way to do it.

[i]I can't disagree, but I have to say that Popp built a tremendous organization in Montreal, and other than his forays into the coaching ranks, was a shrewd manager in picking up talent via scouting and trades. Trestman re-vitalized the players, especially AC, and seems well suited to the CFL game.

I don't like either guy, but the proof is in the pudding. If past performance is any indication of future performance, the Argos will soon be a force in the CFL.
Can't say I often agree with many of your posts obrigardo, but when I posted this one back in February, I recall a little bit of ribbing and a few not so friendly shots. Although I hope to be eventually proved wrong, and have to eat crow, as of right now I guess I'm entitled to a "I told you so!"

I think Jim is the best finder of DB talent in the CFL, that's about it. Most of the rest of the players brought to Montreal were by people like Barker, Jones, Sunderland and others. He also lucked in going to Toronto. While they had a terrible season last year, Barker drafted extremely well over five years and Popp gets to walk into a CFL team loaded with Canadian talent. Trestman being available was the second horseshoe up his a...

But would Trestman have come back to this league for any other GM??

How about receivers? Guy by the name of Green? Cahoon? Lewis doing okay, Carter still out in Regina.

Didn't hit 100% granted, but who has?

Broken record

That was an ob built team

Right. There were no changes in 2013 from OB's team. (Other than the small matter that we set a CFL record that year for most players on the roster in a single season.)

And as we all know, OB was such a great team builder that his Ticat teams went to the Grey Cup every season before Austin arrived. Right?

Let's be honest here. The 2 cup appearances weren't from Austin's superior coaching ability. The Cats were just the best of a really bad bunch in the East.

Gee, another person who couldn't take the time to spell Trestman's name properly. If your only reason for posting is to belittle the team, at least have the decency to spell the man's name correctly... :roll:

Keep Popp off the field and he is a good GM.
Also, after listening to Tresman get interviewed after the game by Mike Hogan, I feel the organization is building something at their very grass roots from the ground up throughout their whole organization.
I think they are only going to get stronger on and off the field.

Popp brought in green woods ball Sears Murray and butler etc he places value on experience. don't get me wrong I don't care for the personality but he's done a lot in 3 months

Right. Because it was a sure thing that we’d beat the defending Grey Cup Champion Argos in their own stadium in the 2013 East Final. Argos had finished 11-7 which was only good for second place in the entire CFL. Really bad. And old man Ricki Ray was on his last legs, only completing 77% of his passes that year (CFL and pro football record), to go along with his 21 TDs and 2 INTs (10.5 ratio another CFL record).

No one gave Toronto a chance on that day. All Austin had to do was show up and collect his tickets to Regina. He even spotted them a 24-10 lead just to make it more entertaining for the fans - after which it was a simple matter to coast to scoring 26 unanswered points. Against the defending champs. (Did I mention that?)


Let’s be honest here. If you don’t like the Ticats just say so. But don’t rewrite history to suit your bitter narrative.

Love the Ticats can't stand Austin. I never liked the hire to begin with and thought he was vastly over rated. Each year under his tenure this team has looked worse and worse to the point we are at now which is a total mess.

And don't forget that Austin took over a team that completely missed the playoffs and was 6-12 the previous year.

No, I'm sorry, but I read above that OB left him with the keys to a guaranteed winner. Austin did not play a role in 2013. Anything good that happened (like winning) was because of his predecessors. Anything bad (like losing) was because of Austin.

And over the first couple of years, Austin started to make over the lineup from what Cortez left behind.

There was also the matter of being dislocated from the stadium for the first couple of seasons, players dressing at the office and being bussed to the practice field.

Their home field being between TWO sites (Guelph and McMaster).

Inexperienced DC.

Two different starting quarterbacks in those same two years (one was a backup, the other considered too old).

Yeah, Kent Austin had it pretty easy.

What were we thinking, ExPat!!!!

Kent is a competitor, with a srong drive to win. IMO, that is a strength. Unfortunately, he is also abrasive, and not at all gracious in defeat. Probably a weakness, certainly with the media reps. He maybe needs a buffer guy to temper his outbursts, and to soothe hurt feelings after he rants? I can see where younger players, who have been molly-coddled all their lives might find it hard to play for him. Like Ron Lancaster said, eventually they stop listening.

For me, it might be a case of Jim Popp in reverse. Good on the sidelines, not so good behind the scenes and in recruitment. That used to be Eric Tillman's strength, maybe that's where we need the help?

At any rate, I'm still willing to give Kent the year to develop these guys and get us on track. If he can't, then something, or someone, has to be changed. Cheaper and easier to find one coach than 44 players?