Trent Richardson to the Riders

Former NCAA star RB Trent Richardson is on his way to Saskatchewan. But WAIT. Now he isn't signing.

Due to the CFL contract rule he believes he wont be able to sign a contract with a NFL team if he signs cause its a 2 year deal.

Something isn't right with this as maybe the Riders informed him they would not release him after '17 as they do not want him to use the Riders as a stepping stone.

I can see both sides but this could get interesting if the Riders decide to deal him to another team looking for a RB for the remainder of the season.

I can definitely understand him not wanting to lock in through 2018 - he's 27 now, and getting close to his best before date. But he's bounced around the NFL for five years now, not even making a roster the last two, and obviously nothing there this year either or he wouldn't be looking up here.

The huge NFL contract potential sure would make me hesitant to lock in for that long too. Even a signing bonus there could be more than a whole season here.

Tough decision.

Tough decision but ultimately the right one for the Riders. You don't want to be seen as just a brief stop over for people's NFL dreams. That will instantly buy a guy who does not fully "buy in" to the team, and is nothing but a cancer in the locker room.

I think Richardson is making a major mistake here. Its not like there's huge interest in him from the NFL, and him sitting by a phone while his skills even further diminish is not a smart move.

Also, I'm guessing he wasn't a nuclear physics major in college so his earning potential will probably not be all that great once football is done (I don't think a running backs coach at the local high school pays that much). He should embrace the CFL and the opportunity to get paid before that opportunity evaporates for good.

Yeah, it’s probably best for both side not to move forward.

Question on the exclusive negotiation status with the Riders. I was under the impression if an attempt to sign him is not successful, they have already had that negotiation therefore it’s no longer exclusive to the Riders and someone can put him on the list.

Perhaps, I’m wrong. Either way, for the right price he could be a nice rental for someone with the interest and means.

Probably better for the Riders that he doesn't come. Guy was horrible everywhere he went in the NFL, and I can't imaging going 3 years without playing a game made him any better.

I see it as foolish on Richardson’s part, but it appears he’s not ready to give up that dream of returning to the NFL. At 27 for running back with no one knocking his door for years now as a draft bust, he would have been wise to just play out his football career in the CFL.

No NFL team I have ever heard of is going to give a shot to a 27-year old running back with a poor track record in the NFL when there are numerous backs out there under 24 years of age who could have far more upside.

Yes this is true. I believe after a couple of seasons their minimum contract goes up. Wasted money if you can get a younger guy in there for cheaper

He's awful. Never hits the hole. Runs right into the teeth of the D on every play.