Trent Green's injury

Well Trent Green looks to be out for a while for the Chiefs. His head bounced off the turf in a very sickly way. I was very sorry to see him go down as I don't like seeing players get hurt.

The reason for the topic however, is where is Casey Printers? Did he stick with the team as the #3, or was he on the practice squad as the #4 man? If Green is out for a while, and considering how horrible the injury looked he might be, Printers may get a shot. If Huard struggles, and that seems like a possibility from a guy who never had what it took to be a starter, the Chiefs will give someone else a chance if Green isn't back.

...reports this morning are that Green is not as hurt as originally thought, and may only miss this weekend, meaning that Huard will probably get more reps this week than Printers....CP was kept on the KC practice squad and will more than likely be activated this week but only in a backup role.....was a hell of a hit though...

As devastator points out, if Huard faulters, maybe Printers will get some reps.

Big time hit though!

To BigGreenMachine...

Um I guess you haven't been a CFL fan very long. We had a guy named Casey Printers in our league, we was even the league's most outstanding player in 2004. How well the former CFLer does in the NFL, and a possible return of Printers to the CFL is CFL news!!!!!

I doubt anyone on an NFL board would know Casey Printers lol.

.......update: heard this afternoon that they haven't released Green from the hospital yet and are holding him for further tests....sounds worse than before....sick as it souns it gets CP one step closer to the top of the ladder.....the Chiefs are going to suck this year anyway.......

For the most part I hope Casey gets a shot down there. I don't want to see Green out for too long because I don't like seeing guys get hurt. But it would be nice to see Printers get a chance. Hopefully Huard plays bad and the Chiefs give someone else a chance.

Larry Johnson will carry this team on his beefy shoulders. They will make the playoffs.

....I heard today that to help with Trent's minor brain swelling they removed the part of the prefrontal lobe responsible for 'creative playmaking while scrambling'.....apparently this isn't required for an NFL quarterback anymore.....

Hmm, Thursday, And Printers is still on the practice roster. Why wouldn't they activate him for Sunday? Is it a "waivers" loop hole or something? Maybe Statik can elaborate more.