Trent Edwards says Buffalo a better city than Toronto

Wathing PTI last night and Tony Kornheiser, think it was, asked Trent Edwards a question which was in jest, of course, but something like "so Trent, what's the better city, Buffalo or Toronto?" Trent replied Buffalo. Better watch it Bills come Dec. 7, you might not have many cheering for you at the RC. :stuck_out_tongue:

That's because they will be no one in the stands!!! :lol:

what did you expect him to say? the guy does play for the BUFFALO bills.

What did I expect him to say? I expected him to say the diplomatic thing “both are great cities” and leave it at that. Look, this was a jest type question and Edwards replied with a big grin Buffalo, so no big deal. Or is it? You do realize that in terms of easily cracking egos, nothing beats those Torontonians in this respect as we know! Humourous or otherwise,they might not have liked Trent’s response. :wink:

I don't see what the big deal is anyway. Anyhow, we all know, Toronto is clearly the better city :lol:

Yup, better for sure, more crime, murders, traffic congesion pollution, people not caring for others etc. Ok, so they've got more entertainment options than most cities in Canada, I'll give them that. But that's about it. :wink:

You forgot to say cleaner and also Toronto has Kenny vs Spenny :thup: :rockin:

Who is Trent Edwards anyway???

Well if the Sabres move to Hamilton, yes folks the Sabres are in trouble again, maybe the Bills can move to Tijuana!