Trends.........are they real or imagined?

Ham. has to be the only sports town on the planet when, in the midst of losing, some think the remedy is to mope, kiss ass and reminisce about losing in the past.


Just saw this thread...interesting perpectives.

If my memory serves, Marshall got fired when we came out of the gate 0-4, right? However, I seem to remember that we lost some mighty close games there and could easily have been 2-2. The firing happened and then the team sunk from there-- no emotion whatsoever.

If there's anything I miss about Marshall, its that emotion that the team seemed to play with. Cost some penalties, but they didn't seem to give up. (Now, more than likely that's some selective memory.)

That team was also stocked with some pretty old talent. I thought, during that 9-8-1 season, he got a lot out of those guys. Stood up for his players too.

I thought his firing was premature -- though maybe not by much -- and the personell changes (and lack of changes) was far more responsible for the team's demise than coaching. Our QB's were brutal, line suspect, and our running game --until Jesse showed up -- was in need of a spark.

Edit -- oh yeah...forgot about Joe PaoPao....yikes. That sure didn't make anyone's job easier.

That's going back a ways though, so might be way off.

Relax-- I think the outset of the thread was examing where things may of gone amiss.
Besides, we're pretty much eyeing in on a generation of fans who only know of losing. A guy I play beer league hockey with was 9 when the Cats last won.

Fine but it has nothing to do with the nuts and bolts of football here today . It's just a waltz down memory lane . Serves absolutely no purpose.

Girlfriends.........are they real or imagined?


Well...we are on a web, 'serving a purpose' is certainly in the eye of the beholder. Not sure the coaching staff goes over thread after thread about possible solutions or gameplans.

Yeah, and I'm the beholder and I'm beholding a thread that serves no purpose in relation to what's going on today.
Want to reminisce about the good 'ol Marshall/Sauve days ? :roll: put it in "off topic"

Sauve, sighhhhh, now there's a name that hasn't been mentioned lately.

Hell of a fun guy to be around. I just saw his wife Maureen doing a short interview on Cable 14 about a 30 + year employee of Tim Horton's store # 1 on Ottawa St. Florence (the employee) I believe her name is.

I hope Dave and Maureen are doing well. They are a really great couple. Store # 1 is not only a shrine to the Tim Hortons chain and Tim Horton himself, but is a bit of a shrine to Dave's days as a Tiger-Cat.

I recommend everyone to visit the store at least once. Bring your camera for some great shots.

Thanks for reminding us of David Sauve. One of Hamilton's "good guys".

Don't stop your sausage party of yester-year quite yet. I'm surprised you forgot Mark Bowden. I think that about covers it now.

Now I know it wasn't my imagination at all.

Is there a reason you follow me around on these forums Zontar ?

Did I say something wrong? There's something I'm not quite understanding here.

If you have some sort of particular problem with me, feel free to spell it out in a private message to me. I'd rather not use the forums to argue with you back and forth, as I've stated before.

I'll look forward to a private message.


Who was arguing? Arguing about what? What back and forth?
That should keep you busy.
Sort it out and come on back .

Whatever you do -don't- listen to the 5th Quarter after a Ticat loss. That is the only medium that makes these forums look downright bullish on the prospects for the Ticats this season!

As to all of the mistakes we've made over the last five years (and yes, I've made more than my share), a topic that seldom gets much attention is how well run the rest of the league has been in the same period. In 2004 of our 9 wins, four came from beating Ottawa. Where are the Gliebermans when we need them?