Treatment of Joe Paopao by Ottawa

Am I missing something or are their others out there who think that the owner of the Ottawa Renegades treatment of Joe Paopao was disgraceful. The owner has every right to have whoever he wants to be his coach and can fire the current coach at anytime to do so. What is wrong and unethical is to hire a new coach in August 2005, while the current coach is still doing his job, then casually mention this to the media, and let the current coach twist in the wind for the rest of the season. Then finally call the coach in to meet with him two days before the final game and inform him he will be fired after the last game and to have his desk and locker cleaned out by 6:00 PM the day after this final game. This just shows that ethics and integrity have no relation to being wealthy or not, and that the Ottawa owner has no ethics or integrity.
Joe Paopao is a decent man who tried to get something going in Ottawa and was not successful. He may have deserved to be fired, or maybe a change is necessary to make the Renegades a more successful team, but if you choose to fire the coach, please do it with some class and dignity, and not the way it was done.

i agree, that's very "UN-classy"!!! the Glieberman show is back in Ottawa! no matter what you say about Paopao, he's a class act.

Yes, I wa hoping these morons would not have hands on with the football operations of the team. The Gliebs are like a disease. I feel for the Gade fans. The problem now is do they support the team? I hope so the Gliebs will realize if they keep playing these stupid games to a franchise they only hurt their business.

Can you imagine how bad the Gliebermen would be if they hadn't learned from their previous mistakes? [shudder]

Yes, Bigdave that really made a difference. The Gades are playing good for their coach today mind you against a watered down Argo team.

Good to see a good send off for Joe by the fans and the players. Joe is a class act and will not have any problems finding work.

According to BigDave the Ottawa owner was worse than what he pulled with Joe Paopao. I can't believe it, because the way he handled this situation was absolutely disgraceful.
I'm just curious, what did this "classy gentleman" do in the past that was worse than the way he treated Joe Paopao. I guess I need to be angry for a little while. Thanks for your help, guys!

Actually, I was being sarcastic. When Lonie took over the team, and people were concerned about their antics of the past, most notably when they were the owners of the Rough Riders, he assured us all that "we've learned from our mistakes." I was actually saying that in fact they hadn't learned anything.

This is far worse than the Mardi Gras promotion from earlier in the year. And the Dexter Manley affair, dating a cheerleader, and drafting a dead player during their Rough Rider days look like silly diversions compared with this injustice.

Even those who believe that firing the coach was something that needed to be done would have to agree that it was done in the most tacky, insensitive, and unprofessional way imaginable. Once again the Gliebermen create a black eye for the league.

I say, keep the coach, fire the owner!

Thats have feed the aligators day and feed the owners to the gators.