Tre "Superman" Smith

sounds good to me :rockin:

It'd be great if someone could post the clip of his touchdown on youtube, or another video sharing site!

anyone have the clip yet?

ahahah Good call!

He just needs to protect the ball a little more next time!

You are tempting Jason Farr

That really was SOME TD.

well if he uses it as his nickname, i wouldn't mind some credit :wink:

Smith IMO Should Ran it in and Not Jumped.
He Fumbled and got Lucky
Lucky for him he was Past the Goal line.
and The Bombers did't Challenge it ..

It could cost us the Game..
Rookie Mistake He'll Learn from I hope

Only a preseason game, and it didn't really mean anything win or lose. Buf if it didn't count, he probabley would be gone for such a dumb move! lol

I think Tre Smith is quite talented and I'm hoping a spot is found for him on the roster.

He plays with a lot of determination and we can ignore the fumble he made once over the goal line. He simply needs to make a habit out of tucking the ball in closer to his body.

I think ull find hell be a return guy for us .

They brought him in for his return ability, we should see more of what he can do vs Toronto.

once it crosses the plain its a t.d correct?, did he cross the plain before possession was lost?

Absolutely re crossing the plane...all the back needs is possession of the ball at the precise moment the ball crosses the field-side edge of the white endzone line, it is a TD.

I didn't see the Smith play, so others can comment on whether he did break the plane in actuality or not with the ball.

Oski Wee Wee,

Its on the post game reaction video, about 3/4 in(222/299)
He definitely broke the plane. ... ayclip=327

And he definately did not need to jump across so recklessly. Even he admits he could have just walked across the line.

That's my Point he was Reckless.
I Hope Chairle Ripped into Him About Protecting the Ball

I like guys who play with heart and reckless abandon. Smith broke the plain by at leat a yard before he, albeit, carelessly dropped the ball.

We don't have to judge Tre Smith on what happened after his touchdown, but only on his method of ball control while in flight. This is an easy correction for the coaches to make.

The point is, he got the touchdown.

why? he was well into the endzone when he dropped the ball.

last time i checked there was more than one foot in a yard.... seemed like tre was barely a foot over the line if that.

Wow. Ticat fans complaining about a touchdown. We've sunk to a new low of complaining.

Give him a break and let him have a little fun, it's only preseason. It's about time a Ticat looked like he was having fun out there.

im sure he was just overly happy about his first td in the cfl and wanted to make it a great one :slight_smile: