Can't help but love the guts and determination in this spunky little running back who goes out and plays his heart out every time he is asked, and never complains when the first stringers are healthy and he has to ride the bench or stay home for an away game. Last night he gave his all and stretched small gains into better ones and had some really decent carries that were called back more than once for holding by the offensive line. Again all you saw on his face was dissapointment that it was all for not. And what about that block he gave for Porter that gave us our first touchdown. It was his play as well as Porters and Jacksons responsible for that touchdown. I hope little #32 stays with the Cats no matter where the Lumsden Keith Caulley chips fall for next year.

Couldn't agree more!

Dose his job, won't complain, won't point fingers and gives you an all out effort all the time.

Win or lose you can support a guy like that!

What's his contract status?

16 carries for only 32 yards for an average of 2 yards per carry.

What happenend to our much vaunted running game?

It transformed into a much vaunted passing game.

Tre Played Well … Like Said without his Blitz Pickup who don’t win this game…

His fumble was bad and his returns continue to be bad. What a difference seeing jojo on returns makes. Tre picked up the blitz well on some plays but missed it on others, but thats his job so he should do it . He rushed for 32 yards only. Healthy rbs and he doesnt make the lineup anymore. Jojo is way more valuable to sit out anymore games on the p.r.

I liked his heart but sometimes he tries to do too much. Running east and west doesn't do us anygood. We need some north - south rushing so that we actually gain yards. Big fumble, too.

If we had Keith in there we would have won by even more. Heck... even if Lumsden was in for his usual 3 plays we may have had more than 32 rushing yards.