Tre Smith

Is Tre smith expendable from watching Terry Caully Tonite Could We trade him away.

that would come back to haunt us. Other teams would use him properly and he could probably excel. We should use him like an Archie Amerson, ie Running Back turned to receiver in certain game time situations

That would be too creative for our Cats' OC. I think his brain would explode.

See Corey Holmes. League all star, ruined in Hamilton.

I think it was a shame that they left Tre out of today's game in favour of some import receiver. I can't tell you who took Tre's place because whoever it was didn't make any plays.

And that Cohen guy who was running back kicks wasn't very good. Did you see that punt return that he fielded at the 10 and then danced backward and got tackled on the 9? That was awful.

I missed Tre a lot tonight because he's all effort all the time. We need more guys like Tre.

He was the guy that took Tre's spot (sort of).

Tre Smith should be in this line-up week in and week out for his punt and kick returning abilities alone. Plus, that boy is a good running back.

The responsibility for the establishment of the starting lineup is the head coach's after consultation with the GM and his staff. If he's good to go, he should be featured at least on special teams. Apart from his disasterous game in Calgary, Tre has been a bright spot.

Oski Wee Wee,

Tisdale took Tre Smith's spot on the roster because of our import DBs being banged up.

Ya lets trade him..
OK everyone line up and let's have a bidding war for our third string RB and middle of the pack return guy.
And if Lumsden goes down...again we will have to find a back-up RB that can play.

Can we at least get a 4th round pick that will never see the field???

Where was Tre Smith last night? Was it line up changes for Canadians? Don't think he's injured...

No it wasnt cause he was injured. Its because the ticats weird.

Smith kept letting kicks bounce in front of him on Labour Day. Maybe they sat him as a wakeup call.

if they were sitting people for wakeup calls then the whole team would be benched