Tre Smith Out - JoJo Walker In??

With Tre Smith on the injured list it looks like JoJo Walker will get back into the line-up. The three other changes will be Davis in for Woodard, Cavka in for Thomas, and Cohen in for Rodriguez. They're listing Eddie Cohen as the punt/ kick returner, so there is still the possibility another import will dress instead of Walker.

Eddie Cohen starts instead of JoJo????

Our brain trust must be brain dead... if JoJo doesn't get any playing time this week and we suffer through another loss. I might just have to apply for the head coaching or GM job since I probably couldn't do any worse...LOL. So with that said who wants to be my Coordinators?

^^^ Thats just me trying to laugh off my utter disappointment in the lack of talent evaluation.

People have to stop taking the Depth Chart so seriously. It really doesn't mean anything other than who the starting QB is.

… and even then … all that you need to do as quarterback, to be considered the ‘Starter’ … is take the first snap!

You could spend the rest of the game on the sidelines/bench … but you would still have been the ‘Starter’.

Id be in favour of dressing the new D lineman in camp .That way they can roatate the guys in and keep them fresh to deal with BCs offence !!!

Do you honestly think Walker is a starting wide out? He's shown some flashes over the middle. Puts in a solid effort, but is way to small to be starting wide receiver. He's built for the slot, and can't beat out Miles this year. if he plays, he'll be the fifth receiver and or sub for Miles. Interesting to note that he is no on the depth charts in any of the return positions, so I'd wager that Walker will be one of the players on the depth chart that ends up sitting again this week.

As I post every week, the depth chart
only lists 4 starters, 2 Wrs and 2 SBs.

We USUALLY use 5 receivers and no FB.

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My guess is we will see
a lot of Pat Woodcock.

The players listed first on the Depth Chart

are the players who practice with the first string.

It is a very accurate indicator
of who the first string will be

throughout the whole game,folks,

Most the players listed as back-ups on the Depth Chart
have only practiced the plays of their opponents all week.

What I said was JoJo deserves the start whether its over Cohen(or even Miles), what have either of the two just mentioned done to award them the start over Walker?

Walker - 18 Catches for 262 yards, averages 14 yards/catch.

Miles - 25 Catches for 265 yards, averages 11 yards/catch.

Cohen - 8 Catches for 81 yards, averages 10 yards/catch.

Also you mention how JoJo is way to small to be a starting wide receiver... I would love for you to check out Pat Woodcock(who has been our starting wide receiver for 5 out of the 9 games) and explain to me how his size differs from JoJo's please. Size has NOTHING to do with a players skill and abilities to play certain receiver positions.

Everybody raves about Smith, but compare him to Dorsey. Unlike Dorsey, Smith has zero speed, and has not taken one kick to the house. IMO we need someone with more speed back there returning kicks. I hope they give Cohen a shot against BC in that regard.

Caully (4.3 speed)returning Kicks!!! Give lumsden his reps!!!

Well if Walker is such a stud, how come nobody signed him when he was released? So far he's shown he's a possesion receiver, but not much else. Anyway, my bet is he doesn't play this weekend. We'll have to wait and see,,,

Ok...Here is the deal Mr. Novascotiakid.

JoJo wasnt released long enough to be signed by another team. Furthermore his release was only because he was injured and was taking up room on the active roster. So with that being said he was placed on the practice squad to heal up.

And yes he is a stud with blazing speed (4.34)with heart for the game.

And if he doesnt play tomorrow its only because of this ratio thing the CFL has, not for a lack of talent to produce.

So far he has shown he is our most reliable receiver.

Also you say JoJo is a possession receiver and "not much else" well if you want more out of him as a receiver then I really don't know what you want...

So let me explain to novascotiakid, and everyone else who doesn't know what a possession receiver is...

It is a receiver who can make the critical catch. The receiver would be in a position to make the catch, and hang on to the ball for perhaps a key second or third down conversion. This differs from a receiver utilized in a way to gain YAC(yards after catch).

NOW, if you want more than that out of JoJo you're crazy. He is one player out there and he has done everything he's been asked to do when called upon.

I hope everyone can understand now why I am a little ticked off about Eddie Cohen starting over JoJo Walker. Cohen hasn't done or proved anything compared to Walker when it comes to earning a starting job.

Now I'm not gonna comment on the releasing of JoJo because cmw1612 covered it completely.

Well Gbonds and cmn...admire your passion. Like Jojo's passion as well, but still believe he is a marginal CFL player, and I sure can't blame the coaches for wanting to give Cohen another shot. Practice tells a lot about a player's potential upside. Once Perche is back from injury its a moot point anyway. And remembering that Taffe was Jojo's college coach and a major reason why he was signed in the first place, this looks like a non-emotional decision made by the coaching staff. Either way, except for Jojo, the decision to play him or sit is not exactly earth shattering. Peace...

Marginal or not he still can get the job done when called upon. Thanks for your opinion.


Well I for one am looking forward to Pat Woodcock getting a few more "touches".

All he has done the last few games is "Catch the ball and run with it" every time it comes his way!!!!

This guy has Great Speed and if given the ball will produce some real good results!


Now JoJo goes from a self described "possession receiver, but not much else" to a "marginal CFL player"??

Now we all know that someone doesn't have a clue on what they are trying to say... If he is a so called "marginal" player than what does that say about Cohen and Miles?

No one can sit here and tell me JoJo does not deserve the starting job over Cohen and Miles without only stating their opinion and not giving any facts.

"Practice tells a lot about a player's potential upside."

Well I can tell you from experience, I have actually attended every training camp practice this year and a few practices as well. JoJo has always practiced his butt off and goes all out to make any catch thrown his was.

This is not a question of size, talent, or work ethic but more a question of talent evaluation and utilization. We all know how well our coaches can evaluate/utilize talent. :roll:

Well Gbonds...don't see much point in getting into a peeing contest over a player that we won't likely be watching today. But sure...anyone who doesn't share your obsession with this player must be a're related I can only assume. Give it a rest...

man i really dont think you have seen him play this year. he has been our best reciver when he is in the game and will alaways take a big hit to make the catch.

JoJo is getting Bradleyed here. This is the guy who for two straight games had over 75 yards and then was benched. The guy who has only played like five games this season. Remember that guy? Yeah, he's JoJo Walker and when he's our best receiver.

Another guy who needs to get the ball more is Bauman.