Tre Smith leads CFL in combined yards!

I was just reading the stats of this season after 2 weeks. Tre Smith leads the CFL with 454 combined yards.

A rookie that can come in and contribute 454 yards in 2 games.. WOW!@#

A keeper for sure!

Awesome news.

Another interesting stat, according to, is that Markeith Knowlton leads the league with 48 tackles in 2 games. :smiley:.

I really wish they could stop having so many mistakes on the league website.

Wow, at this pace Markeith is slated to get 432 tackles! :smiley: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Tre Was the Find of the Off-Season

Also, the HTML version of the QB sacks page says Darrell Adams leads the league with 7 sacks. The PDF version lists him with 3.

Smith is almost making up for the devasting loss of Jason Armstead.

Good for him. He's making a great contribution to the team.

I never saw Armstead contribute 454 yards in 2 games.. maybe 150-200 if he was lucky.

tre smith is the man, a great fill in for jesse when jesse is out, and great on the punt returns, and a great guy, way to go tre

Armstead was too busy standing still or running in the wrong direction! Congrats to Tre, keep up the good work.

Tre Got Game!

... no wonder he's playing well! He's gone from Tiger to Tiger-Cat!

Very impressed so far!

Tre "superman" Smith :wink:
I called it after the first pre season game, hes gonna have a great season.

Jason who???

All aboard the Tre train !!!

Against the Riders:
Rushing 4 times for 34 yards, that's 8.5 yards/carry folks!!

So far after 3 games:

5th in rushing (over-shadowed by Stud Lumsden)
3rd in punt returns
2nd in kick returns
1st in combined yards (74 yrds ahead of 2nd)

This guy is gold!!

hey i never underestimated this kid. This guy played at Auburn and check out the names of the guys that played during the same time period:

-Cadillac Williams - top five pick
-Ronnie Brown- top 5 pick
-Brandon Jacobs- He was at Auburn, transferred to Southern Illinois and now won a Superbowl ring.
-Kenny Irons- Another high draft pick who is now on the bengals.

Tre Smith is progressing, because the coaching is allowing him to do what he does best and he looks comfortable.

I Wish Markeith Knowlton had 48 tackles in 2 games..that would be impressive but since the record is 16 in one game... He did get 14 in the first game anyway and that is impressvive enough!.