Tre Smith leading rusher in CFL?????

[url=] ... year/2008/[/url] says Tre is leading the league in rushing?? must be a mistake.

it might be right. But Wes Cates will likely pass him tonight. Joffrey Reynolds is yet to play a sixth game as well.

It's wrong he has just under 300 I think.

According to TSN he is 5th in rushing with 264 yds.[/url]

I think Smith is an exciting and excellent player, he makes cuts and good reads when he has the ball, but i wish he would protect the ball better.

I think he might be first in all purpose yards. He was a couple of games ago.

Must be a mistake - he looked good for the first 3 games and has gotten in to the old -
don't hit me routeen. I like Dominic Dorsey -
too bad the A$#%@ can seem to find a true returner and we get the same old crap year after year.

Unfortunate that there are so many errors; in many instances the actual numbers have been doubled.

The rushing yards for T.Smith shall read 264 and not 528.

In defensive tackles the numbers of the first 3 players shall read 33,31 and 26 rather than 66,62 and 52.

In Q.B. sacks the number for K.Williams shall read 3 rather than 6.

The error in T.Smith has an impact on his Yards from scrimmage and combined yards; 264 yards too many.

I wrote to CFL Contact but no change made or response.


True. He has talent and needs to play to develop but I don't think he's ready to be a feature back. If Jesse is absent Caulley should be carrying the main load and Smith subbing in like he does with Jesse.

Does anybody know if Jarrod Payton has signed anywhere? He'd be a nice addition if Jesse is out for any length of time.

What we have is better than Payton.

8) I agree, Caulley should be the feature back if Jesse is not playing. While Tre Smith is a great little back who I like very much, I think he is just a little too small to take the regular heavy pounding of running the ball up the gut for the whole game !!
 I know that Caulley is small also, but he built a little more compact and sturdier than Tre is.

 Tre is best utilized as a kick and punt returner, and be brought into the backfield on speciality situations and to give the 1st stringer a breather.  I do agree that Tre is a great little back and we are lucky to have him here !!
I like Dominic Dorsey - too bad the A$#%@ can seem to find a true returner and we get the same old crap year after year.
8) The real joke is that the Argos picked up Dorsey for nothing last year. He had been released by Regina I believe, and was doing nothing but wait by his phone for a phone call from someone !!!

I think that there is more to Dorsey's success than just himself.
They cut Brashir, who was the previous most dangerous returner in the league and nobody touched him.
Is it the Arblows coaching and system, or the individual returner???

Then again, Tre veritably towers over Charles Roberts, and though Roberts' current season hasn't been great, his career stats would beg to differ that small guys can't take the heat as starting RB. :wink:

(To be fair, I freely admit a bias in favour of Tre. And I have total faith that he'll be a fireball starter someday.)

Theres a very good chance that Tra will be seeing a lot of playing time, so go get em Tra. :thup: