Tre Robertson is bad for the game

His late hit on MTL's star running back W. Stanback was a blatant attempt to injure as he went straight for the planted lower leg. This stuff sickens me, takes good players out of the game, and is bad for the CFL. Let's get rid of these types of players.

Meh.. Watch it again man.. It was a football play. Punish the action, not the consequence


Could say the same about Simoni Lawrence.

There's been dirty players forever... Jiminez, Murphy, O'Shea, and I'm sure the list could go on forever.

Until the CFLPA protects the victims instead of the perpetrators (eg supporting fines and suspensions instead of appealing them), it won't change.

It should change. But it won't.

Roberson made a heck of a play to save a touchdown and probably the game iirc. I don't consider him a dirty player or Stanback's injury a dirty play.

Stanback would be the guy that knows for sure. High probability he had run the same play a hundred times before. Not sure what other play a corner has in that situation.

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No idea. I didn't see the play in question.

Mine was more of a general statement.

By your standards we'd have already banned at least 4 players so far in this young season. S**t happens, it's a fast game needing split second decisions. I trust the league to deal with their discipline issues. No issue here, sorry.

How the hell was that a diirty hitI need an exxplanation on that?

I totally agree he save the team from a touchdown. So Mr General statement opposing players should just not touch the guy running with the ball that is too funny.

Has Roberson done dirty hits before? Has he been fined or banished before for dirty play? I watched the play on like you and it was a good saving a touchdown play.