Tre Ford to start for Elks on Thursday

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks are going National at quarterback.

Pivot Tre Ford will start for the Green and Gold as they host the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Thursday at Commonwealth Stadium for Week 10, the team announced on Monday.

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Better late than never, eh Only two full days behind 3Down.

How long is the leash before Taylor gets put back in there, 1quarter?

tough gig being as esk player or fan

I like this high-risk, high-stakes action!

The way I figure as fans, we win either way!

Either it will be another miracle like Canada Day 2022, or it will be like a fireworks show launched atop a dumpster fire!

“Please disperse! There is nothing to see here!” and all that, so I’m already excited!


Best of luck, Tre. Hope you do well -and win


It’s been obvious all season Corny is having trouble with making reads and missing his reads as well.

When the blitz comes rather than take advantage he stands like a deer in the headlights waiting to get taken down.

Ford should be able to make reads quickly and he is an elusive and slippery runner.

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Who’s taking odds on Houston making it 5 in a row against the young Nat QB?

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I think he may get a couple.

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