Tre Ford provides spark for Elks in 1st CFL start

Is Shiltz Hamilton's Plan A all of a sudden then? :grin:

That name reminds of me an old malt liquor beer brand Schlitz here in the US.

Maybe it is still sold somewhere for all I know, but nobody under a certain age cares. They had cheesy ads when I was a kid.


One thing I can never understand with coaches is why are they so hesitant about throwing in the #2 quarterback for a few plays here and there. They brought Shiltz in for the short yardage first down then they left in for a few more plays. In those few plays he got more yardage for the cats and then Evans came back and finished up with a touchdown. So while Shiltz was in, it probably through the Elks off guard and confused them for a bit since they weren’t expecting it. Since leaving him in brought some success why not try it again a couple of more times?
So my thinking for all teams:

  1. It does throw the other team off a bit since they don’t know what to expect from this change,
  2. It gives that #2 QB some much needed playing time in case he’s needed if #1 goes down and
  3. Maybe it’s just me but I think overall the fans are also all of sudden wondering what the #2 guy is going to do. Adds a bit more excitement to the game.

Heck, drinking Schlitz might just be the secret to Schiltz's success, with all those vitamins and all.



Good for the Elks and their first win but my thoughts are on Dane Evans. I've always looked at a QB as someone who needs to be a leader, someone calm in the huddle and someone who takes responsibility. Dane seems to be a very angry QB (it was very noticeable back in the 2019 Grey Cup game) and if you listen closely to his words, its like he always wants to point the finger at someone else. I'd be concerned if I was a Ti Cats fan but believe there is a positive and that would be backup Matt Shiltz. He hasn't played a whole lot but looked really impressive in the games he played with Montreal. I think Hamilton did well getting him and was actually hoping that the Blue Bombers would try and sign him

I agree. Hamilton needs to move in a different direction at QB and soon. If they want a chance to both host and win the Cup next season they'll have to change their starting QB. Upgrading their offensive line AND their OC might be something they'll have to look at as well.

I'm not opposed to seeing a QB change - "IF" it will make a difference. The problem Evans is having is that even last year, he split the role with Masoli - giving neither player the role of team leader. I think he is still learning the role and the game - changing him now will only confuse the situation (I think??) Hamilton should have tried to recruit a quality QB in the off season. As I stated earlier in a post - Hamilton did nothing in the off season to make up for some of their big personnel loses - instead the gave Steinhauer a promotion. Don't get me wrong, Steinhauer is an OK guy - but he has to step it up as a coach and GM. BTW - what is with this offensive idea that a QB can fire bullet hard passes into a crowd and make it happen? The Cats did the same thing last year - it seems like a planned approach - I hoped not.

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I'm against the 'let one guy do it all' approach to running a football team. Cal Murphy tried that for a short time (fifteen minutes I think) and quickly learned that it was too much work. He brought in Mike Riley and all was well until the NFL drew him away with something called 'money'.

I think the bigger problem is on the other side of the ball....not the offence. Allowing 30 points a game is too much....

Re-watched the game last night and there were a lot of shots of Hamilton jersey 21 chasing guys. The D-line collectively had one sack and five tackles between them with a total of one tackle between Johnson, Laurent, Bennet and Carney on the Will side of the line. (the rest they left for Simoni to try and chase down.)

Micha Johnson has 6 tackles and 0 sacks in four games, backed up by Laurent with 2 tackles 0 sacks in four games. Playing next to Bennet with 7 tackles in 4 games and 0 sacks, who is backed up by Malik Carney with 8 tackles on the season and 0 sacks (seeing a theme here?). Dylan Wynn got his first sack against Edmonton, and Howsare beside him had his one sack against Winnipeg.

So.....yeah, that's probably why both lines look good in team scrimmages...........


Who knew that swinging gates and Swiss cheese went so well together!?


Well there you go. Really good point.

Imagine the opposite scenario with the Bombers O-Line having to practice against THAT defense of ours. O'Shea gets to know right away if his guys can block or not.


Unfortunately with Dane Evans in as the confirmed starting QB the Cats have blown 4 games away. It seems to be a trend with Evans that at critical moments he fumbles or throws an interception (sometimes both) that changes the game and gives the opposition a chance to come back and steal the "W".
People think that changing the QB is the answer but some people believe sticking to their starter allows for the QB to regain his composure and get back into his rhythm. I don't think that Evans is that kind of QB. He gets rattled with a bad play and falls completely apart. Or so it seems.
Is Matt Shiltz the answer? I don't really think so and maybe Steinhauer doesn't either and is hoping Evans can be coached to settle down and recover from a bad play. But since Steinhauer is the "man" he gets to make the decision regardless of what I or others believe is the answer.
Some Team has to win and some team has to lose, it is just not too exciting to see any team always lose ! I would prefer a closer league where the outcome is never assured. So I hope the TICATS can get it rolling again. And do it now rather than later.


Well if both Evans and Shiltz AREN'T the answer then to do something "now rather than later" would involve jettisoning the bigger of the two salaries in order to make Cap room for someone else.

What do you propose? A trade for Maier (I'd do that in a heartbeat if it was doable) or someone else in this league? Or should they try to lure some late NFL cut this fall with the same six figure salary Dane Evans would've drawn?

Yep. You can screw up royally but that's it right there, you just have to keep your composure!

Some Team has to win and some team has to lose, it is just not too exciting to see any team always lose ! I would prefer a closer league where the outcome is never assured. So I hope the TICATS can get it rolling again. And do it now rather than later.

No, they can lose just fine with me.

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Obviously they have problems on both sides of the ball, but I think their offense is worse. Their defence looked fine against Saskatchewan most of the game, although it certainly has dropped a notch from last year.

They just can’t score much in the second half, especially the 4th quarter. Not a recipe for winning and it cost them in all four games. And the defence didn’t give up 30 points. The offense gave up seven and also has made the defense defend a short field far too often this year, skewering their stats. Highlighting the ineptitude of the offense is the fact that they were only responsible for about 2/3 of their points, with special teams adding 7 on the kickoff return. So you can fairly lower the points scored against the defence and fairly lower the points the offence scored.

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Maybe they should join the Canadian QB bandwagon and bring Graham Kelly back over from the Hamilton Steel City Patriots.

At 6'7 and 245 lbs, he'd at least be able to handle the short yardage rushes.

Here's Kelly hitting Archelaus Jack. Both men were among the Canadians in the Covid-shortened LFA season two years ago.

I guess when you put the whole picture together only scoring one second half touchdown so far this year is a bigger problem. A lot of that is coaching, adjustments, and play calling.

Still - having your MLB leading the tackle stats and a loosing record says you are not shutting down offences and you are leaving your offence with a long field too often.


Exactly I mean if your starter is not doing well would it not be best for your team to have someone who has been watching the game from the sidelines would know what the defense is giving?

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If you're CJ you 100% keep Tre Ford in against Calgary, not even necessarily because he's a better QB than Arbuckle, but mostly because BLM is such a diva that the only time he plays good is when he feels like people are talking too much about backups behind him...or in this case how Calgary should have kept Arbuckle. Putting Arbuckle in would light a fire under BLM's ass to make him play proper, whereas not playing him you're gonna see missed passes/angry at everyone but himself BLM on the sidelines.

Jake Maier is there no need for Arbuckle who really since leaving Calgary has not amounted to anything. Keep that Hate on for BLM we love it.

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I cannot fathom those who say Bo is not still good ... Despite the fact the back up in cow town looks good, Bo has not shown he needs to sit or that the team is list with him playing.
And this from a Rider fan who hates to see Cowtown succeed but wow do they ever have a good franchise since Huff came to town